Where is the baby coming out?

Yeah. Cameron is starting ask very specific questions about the female body and how Jordan will arrive. Yesterday he learned the fact that I don't have a penis. Yeah. He asked, I told him I don't have one and that girls don't have one. He's been begging for me to show him. And I wouldn't dare. So we're in the middle of some very challenging questions for a Mommy and her 3 year old.

I'm hoping he moves past this phase. I'm thinking the actual arrival of Jordan will be the only way to really clear Cam's mind about this topic. Yikes!


Singing tunes and playing the piano

There's this new show on Disney... Maybe it isn't new. But we discovered it recently. It's called Little Einsteins. We TiVo it every day so Cam can watch it when he gets home. It's based on a classical song... just a piece of it and a piece of art... and the characters have an adventure of some sort. Cameron really picks up on the songs and he's learning words like allegro and staccato.

Pretty cool.

By the way... Cameron is moving into this phase where he thinks he can ignore us. It leads to some ugly scenarios. He also doesn't like it when I laugh around him. He says: "Don't laugh at me. I don't like that." And then he hides. He's also tried to totally screw up our sleep in the last couple of weeks. He gets out of bed, says he's scared, asks to sleep with us and cuddle... It's not like we've allowed him to sleep with us EVER. But we've let him jump in a little before the time when we wake up (or I wake up)... I started it when I was exhausted in the first trimester of pregnancy. But for some reason, he's tried to take it beyond that. I can't. I won't. And we're all tired.

So the addition of Cam's wake ups, my pregnant wake ups... and I'm a little closer to feeling the reality of when Jordan gets here. Sleep will be really screwed up then.


...And movies

Cameron finally got a chance to see Santa over the weekend. He was very focused during his time with Santa and told him all the things he wants: two movies and a Buzz Lightyear rocket. Very cute.

So tonight Randy was helping Cameron go back to bed after his latest excuse as to why he wasn't in bed. I always sing a lullaby -- it's sweet and I never change the way I sing it. But Randy sings a lullaby with a different song to it. Tonight he sang something about being good so Santa can bring him toys. And Cam chimed in with a tune and added: "...And movies!"

That boy just doesn't forget what he wants.


Giggle crack

You know, watching Cam watch "A Charlie Brown Christmas" is like crack... You can't stop, you want more. Every time Snoopy did something funny, Cam would break into the deepest and most fantastic giggle. You have to stop what you're doing to eat it up and enjoy the moment. It's wonderful.

By the way... There's a new challenge since the addition of the night light. Now he's afraid of the shadow the night light is casting on his ceiling fan. So he's sleeping with his sheet over his head. That imagination of his is in overdrive.


I'm playing with new technologies

I know this is not a surprise since I'm a nerd.

But I have set up an account on Flickr... It's a photo website that I started playing with in August, but just found a little time to play with it. You can see some of Cameron's recent adventures (which by the way, he pronounces: E-ventures) by visiting The Reeves Kids Flickr Site.
You'll probably have to sign up as a member to see the shots. I'm not sure.

Have fun.


Holiday season is alive

Since I keep getting larger and more uncomfortable by the day, we decided to use the weekend after Thanksgiving as a time to decorate for Christmas. On Saturday we set up the tree, put lights up in the front and backyard (white lights in front, colorful pepper lights in the back). We talked about why Christmas is important. After Cam talked about Santa, he asked when Jesus would come for a visit. I told him that his spirit is in our heart and we're celebrating his birthday. Hopefully that made sense to him.

Today we put the ornaments up on the tree. Cameron did a pretty good job putting ornaments up on his own. We also did a project to create presents for the family.

I figure, the more we do for the holidays early, the less work I'll have to do when all I want to do is sit and make a baby.

Funny moment I almost forgot

So Cameron was hanging out in the newsroom on Thanksgiving. I was printing the 6pm newscast scripts when one of the printers was acting up (not unusual in the newsroom). Anyway. Cameron walks up and says: "Do you have a paper jam?" I said that we could have a paper jam. He goes: "Where's the easy button?"

The director of the show looks up at me and says: "Did he really just say that?"

Yes he did.

I think the boy is around too much TV. We play often in the basement while Dad watches sports. Clearly Office Depot advertises often during the football games.


A day at home

I finally had to take a day off from work thanks to my nasty cold. So Cam and I have spent the day together. I was cleaning a little junk off our TV to help make way for our new Tivo when I discovered two checks from Cameron's birthday. That's right. Two checks from Cameron's birthday in April. That is so wrong. I'm a terrible Mom.

I know I've bought him cool toys and games that would include that money. But now I feel bad cashing a check that is THAT old.

Anyway. Cam took a good nap, and so did I. That helped me catch up on sleep I lost last night. Now he's playing with shapes from a shape puzzle book. He's been really into building and creating things with his toys. It's very cool to watch him in this creating phase. He's still not into drawing or learning how to write his name (which all the girls are really into at school). But it's great to see where he likes to put his imagination.

BTW... You know we're really parents after Randy made the ultimate sacrifice today. During a break from work, he trekked to Wal-Mart to buy some Leapfrog books for Cameron. 7 dollars each... I really wanted to take advantage of that deal. Randy was willing to sacrifice the insanity to get something for the boy. What a Daddy.


Too much pepper

Cameron and many family members gathered over the weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving since we have to work on the actual holiday. I cooked my first Turkey and didn't screw it up.

Randy cooked the mashed potatoes and dressing... Both had way too much flavor for Cameron. So he's been walking around saying: "Daddy put too much pepper in the dressing." We're going to eat another batch for a newsroom Thanksgiving meal, we'll see if Cam likes that version better.

I also got Cam to pose for his Christmas card picture this week... After doing a little computer work on it, I think it will work. I ordered a few more things for the holidays. That means I'm just a few gifts away from wrapping up holiday shopping. That's a good thing -- Since I'm going the cash-only route this year to save money.

Cam and I are building space guns with mega blocks (larger version of Legos) and we're watching the Thanksgiving parade. He's really into the balloons.

After Cam's nap, we're headed to the newsroom to eat holiday food and I'll produce the 6pm newscast. Fun.


Fun weekend for Cam

My cousin Christie brought her daugher Ginny to our house to have fun for the weekend. They drove 12 hours to get here... So we were very lucky for their visit. Cam and Ginny played as if they were friends for years. It was very cool.

Cameron and Ginny were very busy -- On Saturday, they went to the Mizzou football game. It was Ginny's first football game... And it rained, so the kids weren't on their best behavior (not to mention, the game started smack in the middle of nap time). But it was fun. We also went to a free movie earlier that day and went out to dinner that night. By the way, the second picture is of Ginny and Cam growling like Tigers in the stands -- Just like the Missouri Tigers. On Sunday, we went to a baby shower for me and three other co-workers. (Acutally, one woman was a co-worker's wife) The kids played and played and played. Christie made us an awesome dinner last night -- But Cam was sleep deprived (the baby shower was smack in the middle of nap time as well) and he was not willing to try a bite. That ended with crying and screaming. Not a very pleasant eating environment. But the food was good!

Cam woke up looking for Ginny... She and her mom left really early this morning to get home. I heard them getting ready to leave... But I didn't have the energy to get out of bed and give them one more hug. We can't wait to see them again sometime soon. First, Mommy has to bring our next family member into the world!

(by the way... this was my 100th post on this blog. that's a lot of talk about a kid)


Two stories from this week

Cameron is running around the house with Ginny, my cousin's daughter right now. They're so excited to be together. It's very funny.

Anyway. Two stories.

First one happened last night. Randy was watching Cam spin around in circles. Faster and faster. When suddenly Cam says: "I can't keep the pee in." Poor buddy. He ran upstairs to go potty (he was playing in the basement). But he couldn't make it. He made a mess in the bathroom.
Earlier this week, Cam and I were working on a feather for school where you write down things you're thankful for. After he told me he was thankful all of his toys and toys he hopes to own soon... I explained that Thanksgiving was a time to be thankful for family and friends. SO I asked him again... What are you thankful for? He said: "My family, my friends, my teachers and food." I was impressed. When we went to school, I turned the feather in (it's a piece of paper with a feather drawn on it, and you write down the thankful things on it). The teacher says: "Oh! That's what we sing in our Thanksgiving song!"

And I thought he was a genius. He was just reciting a song.


Where is your belly button?

Cam and I were talking this morning when he took a peek at my big baby belly... When he was shocked to notice I didn't have a belly button.

I told him I'd get it back when the baby is born.

He lifted his shirt up and said: "I don't have a baby in my belly... So I have a belly button."

I think reality finally set in... He now knows boys can't have babies in their bellies. I kind of enjoyed the earlier months when he told me and everyone that he had his baby brother in his belly and I had his baby sister.

I guess all good things must come to an end.


Leaves, leaves... Everywhere!

It's that time of the year when all of the trees are giving up their colors and sharing them with the grass.

That gives Cam and I the chance to play in the most simple of ways -- running, jumping and throwing leaves.

This past weekend, I raked up a big pile of leaves for Cam to play in. I took a ton of pictures. I'm including a couple of my favorites.

This morning, he and I grabbed our jackets to play out in the leaves before he had to go to school. There was some serious wind whipping through the night, so the front yard is blanketed with leaves. (Even though Randy worked so hard last weekend to clear away the leaves... You'd never know he did that if you look at the yard now!) We picked out our favorite leaves... Cam played with a stuffed animal in the piles. We ran (okay, I waddled) through the leaves -- kicking them up and chasing each other. It was nice. It's exactly why Fall is such a fun season.


Good boy again!

Seven straight school days... That's right folks... That's seven days with two weekends in the middle where the boy hasn't been sent home with a note saying he hurt a "friend."

It's a miracle.

Maybe we've finally moved past this "violent" phase.

(sigh of relief)


Camryn D_____ isn't here today

So, Cameron and his dad were walking out of school today when a little girl named Suzanne asked Cam for a hug before he left. They had their hug... And as they walked away from each other, Randy heard Suzanne say: "Camryn D_____ isn't here today."

Camryn is Cam's "girlfriend" who goes to school with him on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Since today is Wednesday, apparently Suzanne decided Cam was fair play.

These are 3 and 4 year olds. Don't you think that kind of behavior is a little strange... And amazing. Suzanne actually notices how Cameron and Camryn interact with each other.



I laugh at Halloween

So we survived Halloween. I skipped out of work to take part in Cameron's class party and school celebration for Halloween. The kids were so great. It was also fun to just hang out and talk to the parents. I'm finally starting to feel like I'm a part of the class -- the kids know my kid, I know the kids and I'm starting to really know the parents.

Anyway. After Cam's party, we ran over to the newsroom to pick up all my stuff (for some reason, I had convinced myself that Cam and I could leave his party early so I could get back to work).

We ran home to eat dinner with Daddy and a former student who was in town. Then we decided to split up the Halloween responsibilities. I took Cam out trick or treating in the neighborhood while Randy stuck around talking to our former student (and friend) and he got to hand out the candy. Cameron wouldn't let me go near the door of each house where he trick or treated. He was very good at saying Trick or Treat! and Thank you! Sometimes he was willing to drop the bucket of candy (which got pretty heavy by the end of our time out there) and strike a Mr. Incredible pose. Very funny.

I'll get more pictures soon. I think the coolest part of the night was how we got to light up our real pumpkins. That just looks cool. Now I remember why carving those suckers are worth the effort.

So this is the start of Halloween?

We had a rough day today. Things were going well until Cam woke up in the middle of his nap and did something that's so disgusting... It's not worth going into the details.

After interrogating the boy for at least an hour, we couldn't get an answer from him -- And now we wonder if he even knows what happened.

So we went to our neighborhood Halloween party... And Cam got to see his new Mr. Incredible costume for the first time. He planned on being Dash for most of the months leading up to Halloween. On Thursday, he decided he'd rather be Mr. Incredible. The good news: Dash and Mr. Incredible wear the same outfit.

He was good at the party and made friends with a couple of 5 year old little girls from the neighborhood.

The last thing he said to me before he went to bed tonight: "I love my supersuit Mommy."

Let's pray for a good night. I could really use it.


Am I going to be four today?

Cameron is fixated on turning four. I keep asking him when his birthday is... And Cam knows it's April first. But he keeps asking. I think some of his friends are turning four and Cam wants to join in the fun.

He had a bad day on Thursday. But he ended the week with positive comments from his teachers. So we have our bad days and our good days. When Cam's days are bad, they're bad. When they're good... We're all happy.

Cam is really scared of shadows and noises these days. He got all freaked out by the squeaks of the second floor while I was getting dressed upstaires -- Cam was in the kitchen eating breakfast. "Mommy! I'm scared! What's that noise?" I know Halloween is exciting, but I look forward to us moving past this holiday just so he can stop feeling so scared.

We're taking him to St. Louis tomorrow. He gets to hang out with his Uncle Barry while Mommy and Daddy go to an uppity dinner/awards ceremony for the TV station. That will make it two weekends in a row when Mom and Dad get to hang out alone on a Saturday night.

Who knew that could happen?


Success on the playground

Yesterday Cam went home with a POSITIVE note from his teachers!

He actually made an excellent choice in the heat of a moment. He was out on the playground with his friends. He apparently got mad at someone and raised his hand to do hit... When he stopped himself and put his hand down. A teacher watched it happen and Cameron got a TON of praise from his teachers and his parents.

I put the note up on the refrigerator to keep looking at it. He got tons of hugs and he even got to eat an ice cream sandwich!

I hope he can keep up the good work!


What a pose

So... I was downloading pictures from the last month or two... And I came upon this shot of the boy trying to look tough. It's kind of GQ, kind of Dash from The Incredibles (Which is who he was pretending to be in this picture).

Cam had another accident last night. We can't figure out how to put an end to this 5-6 am wake-up annoyance. I'm almost ready to have him clean it all up himself... It took me forever to get back to sleep. And once I did, it was really hard to wake up. And no one wants to be around a cranky pregnant mommy.

Anyway. Cam was really excited to go to school today to show off his new shirt (with arms that were too long!!). And he was extra excited to wear his fireman jacket because of the cool and wet weather outside. It's always the simple things that makes him so happy.


I can't figure this kid out

So Cam started the morning crazy. He peed on his underwear during an early morning trip to the bathroom... I helped him go back to bed. One hour later, he did it again. That's when we got angry. There was no need for him to continue coming to us with his wet clothing problem... And then he started screaming out of control. I pounded into his room, demanded he get dressed and put him back to bed.

Did I mention his grandparents were here and had to listen to the insanity?

Not fun.

So Cam was a loose cannon for most of the day. He had to go to his room and scream it out because i wouldn't let him watch a movie. But minutes before that, he'd been fantastic at the grocery store, and even politely looked at a little baby that I demanded he see.

We ended the day carving pumpkins... Cam went to a pumpkin patch last week, so we carved that one along with a big, big pumpkin from a local store. Cameron decided the little happy face pumpkin was for Jordan, the big pumpkin is his.


I'm going to be a good boy today

I called Cam this morning to say hi... He answered and told me immediately: "Mommy, I'm going to be a good boy today."

Which makes me wonder... What happened yesterday?

Actually, he had a note sent home to tell us about an incident he had with a "friend" on Tuesday... And Daddy had to institute the new rule: hurt a friend, dog or family member... lose a toy.

Hopefully Cam will focus more on using his words (He likes to yell: "Stop! I don't like that!" And yesterday, Cam and I discussed how we can walk away when someone upsets us... instead of hitting. Of course, he immediately walked away from Randy during an incident where Cam threw a toy into the Goldfish cracker bag. Who knows if I gave him a good idea.

Only time will tell. (Just like everything else)


Out of town AGAIN

I'm in Florida right now... And I'm sad... Because I got here and quickly set up my computer to see if it would work. It didn't, I got a phone call to meet people for dinner... And I didn't call home for the second time in the evening. And that worried Randy to death. I feel terrible.

I'm sure Cam was upset too.

Fortunately, I tinkers and spent more money on the web connection in this room... So I can get the camera to work tonight... And Cam and I will be able to talk!!



Busy weekend

Yesterday was the big homecoming parade and Cam had a chance to ride in it. I joined him in the trailer... While Daddy followed the float through town. We were all exhausted after that. Cam and I also enjoyed a grocery store trip and we made dinner for house guests who were in town.

Today we took an early nap and got to go to Cam's second theater show... Today we saw Beauty and the Beast. Cam wasn't so sure about it during a couple of portions... But he loved the big group songs and when we walked out of the show he said: "I had a great time!" He had a chance to sit in the second row and we got to say hi to all of the stars of the show afterwards. He HAD to say hi to the Beast and Belle... And at the end, he decided he had to say hi to every single person. I asked him if he was ready to go and he said: "I have to say some more hi's!"


This is messy

So... I'm thinking Cam is sick. I'd like to blame it on a sickness. But the boy has wet the bed the last three nights in a row. This past night, he was waking up crying out for me -- Which just isn't normal.

My second theory -- The thoughts about Halloween have spooked the boy and he's afraid to get out of bed.

So the big question of the week: Should I plug in the nightlight? I think he'll use it as a light to read books... And not sleep as well. But he isn't really sleeping very well right now.



Fun with Aunt Jan and Uncle Chuck

So Cameron's had the chance to hang out with his Aunt Jan and Uncle Chuck in the last two days. He has been a fantastic show off... But showed how he can play intently with a simple toy from McDonald's and eat a huge grilled cheese while jamming to jazz music at a restaurant.

He's finally getting good at going back to sleep after I've been out of town so much.

We did learn something the hard way this past weekend. Randy and Cam drove down to the Lake of the Ozarks to pick me up after a conference and then we went shopping for all of Cam's winter and fall clothes. Unfortunately... Cameron saw a ton of toys he NEEDED. So it wasn't very pleasant. But Cam scored a ton of clothes and Mommy was very good and didn't buy any baby clothes. We don't need any little stuff... It's amazing how much yellow, white and green stuff I have from when Cam was little. That's the benefits of not knowing what brand baby you're going to have when he or she arrives.

Cameron's gotten really into asking us to tell him stories... Mostly about Disney movies and fables. It's so funny when you hear him ask: "Mommy, please you tell me the story about _________." My favorite story to tell? I don't know yet. I think Little Mermaid is my favorite so far.


Woah... How old are you?

So yesterday I was rushing around the house before heading to work and out of town for another conference. (I can't believe how much I can travel with this job)

Cameron was fooling around with something, I don't know what it was. But I asked him to put it down. He immediately sat down on a stool and looked very sad. I asked him what was wrong... And he said:

"You never let me do anything."

Doesn't that sound like a teenager talking? It totally surprised me.


Daddy, Are Those Horses?

Cameron was walking by the TV where Dad was watching all of the day's football games... He saw the Denver Bronco's logo and asked his dad if the team was The Horses. Broncos, horses... Same thing in Cam's world.

We've had a weekend full of picnics... Or as Cam likes to call them: pick-a-nicks.

On our way to one of the picnics, we saw some neighbors who told us the kids around here are planning another Halloween party for the little ones in the neighborhood. So Cam was invited. He had to ask permission to go as Dash from The Incredibles: "Please I be Dash?" Randy says it's because Cam wants to be sure everyone is okay with his Halloween plans. (I really have to start looking for a red sweatsuit for that costume)

Anyway, we went to a nearby waterfountain to eat a snack... And then to a nearby garden where we stopped at many different locations to enjoy crackers and the leftover peanutbutter sandwhich from lunch. Today we enjoyed our backyard picnic with crackers and mosquitoes. Man, those bugs are mean.

Cam was talking to his Aunt Tisha about the new fence in his backyard -- And he told her it was a place for Jordan and he and the dogs to play. It was kind of cool to see Cam include Jordan in casual conversations.

Right now Cam is building cities out of blocks on the kitchen table... And everytime he finishes, he announces: "It's for you!!!" He tells me it's Jennifer City. Then he knocks it down and builds it again in a different way.

Stuff You Probably Didn't Want To Know

I just wanted to mention that this past few days Cam has battled an intestinal bug... And I'm only mentioning this because it's the first really gross health problem we've needed to deal with since we've been fully potty trained.

I know I constantly promise not to talk too much about potty stuff... But I'll just say this: The boy was so good about waking up in the middle of the night when he needed to go... Not a single accident in bed.

We're very proud. And really happy to have this health problem WITHOUT diapers. It's so much easier!


Hi Mommy!!

I had yoga class tonight so I didn't get to hang out with Cameron tonight. I talked to him on the phone and told him I would give him a hug in his bedroom when I get home. I guess that was a bad decision since the moment I opened the door into the house tonight, I heard him pop out of bed and run to the top of the stairs:

"Hi Mommy!"

He acted like we hadn't seen each other in a month. I got a huge hug. It was so sweet.

I talked him into going to the potty one more time and he asked me to carry him back to bed and give him scratches -- That's what I do when I wake him up in the middle of the night for an accident-proof potty visit. He doesn't have accidents in the morning if he has that middle-of-the-night pee break.

I gave him scratches and tucked him into bed... And then he attempted to stall his sleeping as long as he could -- Including if he could sleep in the bed with Mommy and Daddy... "You're bed is big!" Good argument kid. You're still not sleeping with us.


Toothbrush talk

Cameron's wanted to talk about toothbrushes a lot lately. Last weekend, we went to the store to buy items for health kits to help the many people who lost their homes along the Gulf Coast. Since then, he talks about people who have wet home... And their toothbrushes are dirty. I keep reminding him that's why we bought toothbrushes to help people who needed them.

Cam's even offered to let people move into our house, because it's dry. I think it's wonderful he wants to talk about the hurricane disaster and seems to understand some of the ways we can help.

He's a sweet guy.

Today he asked to write his name. He wanted paper and a pen to write. It's the first time I've ever seen him interested in focusing on writing. He was learning how to write the letter 'C' this week at school. He's getting good at it... But he's writing it the wrong way. It's cool to see him interested in that.

Oh, here's another story. Last night we shared a babysitter with a friend of ours. Her daughter got to stay here and play with Cam. They're good friends even though she's in Kindergarten and Cam's just starting pre-school. It's pretty cool. The babysitter put Cam to bed and he pulled his regular scams. But she was pretty sure he'd gone to bed when 2 hours later Cam tells her he can't read one of his books. She took him back upstairs to find a pile of books on the side of his bed. Apparently, he'd been going through a bunch of his books and "reading" them instead of sleeping. He's going to be a book sneaker just like his mom: I used to read books under my sheets with a flashlight and then pretend to be sleeping when my parents came into the room.


Working on our safety

So... Cameron is really pushing his limits and having a hard time controlling his temper. I talked to his teacher today and she says she's having the same problem. When Cam gets upset, he loses control of his temper and his extremities. He starts swinging in anger... Not thinking about what he's doing. We don't think he's hitting with purpose, he's hitting in anger without any premeditation. So his teachers are working on teaching Cameron ways to "keep his friends safe." Cameron became his teacher's "safe buddy." Cameron held her hand all through playground time while they worked on using their hands safely together. It's an interesting idea and I plan to use it at home as well.

So wish us luck. We're going through a challenging phase. And I think I know why. A week or two ago, I thought to myself abouut how great things have been with Cam when I compared the challenges we dealt with last year with all of his health problems. These challenges are different... I can understand why Cam is angry. Last year he was flipping out for no reason.

I have a couple of ideas why Cam is acting a little loopy. We've been so into the "big boy" transition. Here's just some of the things he's transitioned into in the last 6 months:
Big boy bed
Big boy underpants (okay that was about 9 months ago)
Pull-up free nights
Big boy chair in the kitchen (the toddler chair is gone to make room for a high chair)
Seat belts in the car (with a booster chair)
Pregnant mommy (and the belly is getting bigger)
Pre-school started two days ago

Heck, I even took the little toddler seat cover out of his bathroom... He balances on the toilet seat without it, so why keep it around.

It could be very possible that he's stressing out over all of these changes. I can totally understand that. I just have to figure out how to help him through this tough time.


Big day

Cameron started pre-school today. He was pretty excited and proud that he slept through the night dry... (I did wake him up in the middle of the night for a quick bathroom break).
So as we turned into school, Cam got really upset. He thought his new pre-school would be in a new building. But it was just in a new room. After I challenged Cam to a race to the front door of school, he gave up his anger and shock.

Instead of driving home like I normally do after dropping Cam off, I actually turned left and headed to work. I am officially a normal working person. Okay, probably not normal, but I started working a day shift today. 9 to 6... And I'm trilled. I actually got home in time to sit down for dinner with Randy and Cam. It was wonderful.

I got to give Cam a bath and put him to bed. Very cool.


I really missed you!

I got home tonight and Cam was pretty happy to see me... But he decided to go find his new transformer toy before he hugged me. Then I got monster hugs and kisses. Lots and lots of hugs and kisses.

I sat down to enjoy some dinner when Cam walked up to me and said: "Mommy, I really missed you."

Wow, that's sweet.

I gave him lots and lots more hugs and kisses for that.

We talked about how things are going and I put him to bed. When we wrapped up the prayer, Cam said: "Night, Dad." And he realized what he said and asked: "Are you Dad?" Of course I told him I wasn't. Then he asked: "Are you Jennifer Reeves?" I said yes... And I asked him: "But what do you call me?"


At least he still remembers.


A REALLY big boy

Cameron decided to go to bed in his big boy underpants for the first time last night. We considered starting that this weekend, but Cam asked to do it last night. He's been getting out of bed often to go potty and Randy thought it was possible.

So at 2:30am this morning, Randy says Cameron walked up to the side of his bed. Cam asked if he could sleep with Daddy because his bed was wet. Bummer. So a late night change of sheets got Cam back in bed. I don't know if he returned to the pull ups for the second round of sheets.

I do know that Cam was ready to try again tonight. He's been dry every single day during naptime at school. I think he can do it. This has become Cam's personal crusade. We don't even have to push him on this issue anymore. Cam wants to master the art of being a really big boy.

I'm proud of him. I can't wait to return home from my work trip tomorrow and help Randy change sheets!


Rough night

Cameron has a long memory.
This morning I woke up at 6am to say good morning to the boy and Randy before they left for school and work (it's an hour earlier here in Canada). Cameron asked me where his big Buzz Lightyear doll was. I told him I didn't know (when actually we do know... It's hiding because Buzz has a hard time standing up and Cameron gets so frustrated, we hid the toy to keep us from going mad). I told Cam that maybe Dad would help him look for it after school.

And after school, Cam expected Dad would find it. He kept thinking about that ALL DAY.

So when he couldn't find Buzz, the rest of the night crumbled according to Randy. Cam didn't really calm down until 2/3rds through his prayer tonight.

That's rough.


Great traveller

Cam and the rest of the family went to Kentucky to visit family. It's so obvious that Cam is getting big enough to travel well. We didnt' even let him know we had the DVD player in the trunk as an emergency hush machine. When his Leapster ran out of batteries just 15 minutes into playing, he freaked, but he was pretty quickly convinced to read books. When I told him I couldn't read the books to him... He read those books to himself for a good hour. He colored and made up stories as he drew. He had toys talking to each other... He was making up games. It was awesome. Around dinner time, he made sure we knew he wanted "Old McDonald." (McDonald's for those of us who didn't know)

It was a relatively calm experience. Enjoyable even.

I guess that's why we're going to have another one... It will get dramatically more tricky with Jordan's appearance.


Please I sleep with...

So for some reason, Cameorn has suddenly discovered the joy of being naked. That's a little strange... Doesn't that happen earlier in life? Who knows.

Anyway... Recently, Cameron started asking to sleep without his pajamas on: "Please I sleep with my belly?"
So he sleeps with his Pull-Ups.

Tonight he tried to push it a little further and asked Randy: "Please I sleep with my butt?"
Daddy said no... Cam isn't ready for that just yet.

I'm walking around the newsroom giggling and saying: "Please I sleep with my butt?"


Cameron's baby thoughts

So since we know Cameron's new baby sister is on the way (notice the picture above)... Cameron has now decided that he has a brother baby in his belly. Last night he told me his name is "Baby Dad." Ah the brain of a 3 year old.

This morning, Cameron quietly crawled into bed with me after going to the bathroom (without flushing, he never flushes without encouragement) and announced to me very quietly: "Mommy, I went potty all by myself!" He was actually dry all night and earned another car... The first car in 3 days. We're very proud.


Her name is George

So we took Cam to the ultrasound today. He was interested for a little while, but started playing with a toy as the testing kept going on.

The big news is, Cameron is going to have a baby sister. He was okay with it... Not overly excited or anything, but he was cool with it.

On our way to school, I had Cameron practice the fact that has was going to have a sister and her name is Jordan. He practiced a few times and pronounced Jordan like "JOR-dan." I guess the JOR isn't really easy to pronounce. So we get into school and Cameron makes the big announcement: "I'm going to have a baby sister... And her name is George." I quickly corrected him to say Jordan.

Now that's funny.


We've done a silly thing

So, we're trying to encourage Cam to use the toilet when he needs to go at night. With the bribe of a hot wheels car, we've told him that if he's dry in the morning, he'll get that prize. Well, it's working... Except he's waking up a whole hour earlier. Yesterday it was 5:45am, today it was 5:20am. Today, I talked him into going back to sleep. That only lasted about 30 minutes. That wouldn't be a problem if he'd stay in his room and reed books and play. But he walked back and forth between his room and our room to tell me stupid things... Like how he had a dream about the Incredibles. No matter how many times I ask him to play on his own so Mommy can get some sleep, he just doesn't get it.

I'm tired.


Challenges of a 3 year old

So Cameron is in this non-stop whiny phase. We've been here before. I usually assume he's sick or over tired or something. It's just aggravating and tough to dig out once it starts. We know that time out doesn't work... But we want him to go away when he's so annoying. Yesterday I held him after time out, talked to him about how difficult it is to communicate through whines and cries. I was sure we worked past it and he started up again. Eventually, we started playing fireman and he got past it. And shockingly, a trip to the grocery store cleared up the problem. Most kids go nuts at the grocery store. My kid calms down. Mainly to get that promised cookie.

But hey, whatever works.

Cam got to go to his Uncle Barry's house this weekend. We went to the zoo along with the Overby's... Including Shelbe! He really likes her. And even though they're three years apart, they play really well. It was fun to watch and not have to hover over them. It's really nice to have Cam at an age where he can play and I don't have to worry every second if he'll kill himself. He did draw crayon on a glass table. That was bad, but he didn't do too much damage when we weren't looking.


The first LIE

Randy was on the phone while Cam ate dinner tonight. It wasn't his favorite: rotini pasta with sauce. He had eaten about two-thirds of his dinner... And he must have noticed Randy wasn't in the room anymore. He dumped his food in the trash can and put his plate back on the table.

Randy came back and Cameron played it off as if he had eaten all of his dinner. I guess Randy noticed the food in the trash can. So now Cam is in time out.

Wow. His first lie. Let the scamming begin.


All kinds of stories

There's all kinds of funny stories to tell about Cameron these days.

On the 24th, I took Cam to his first play. It was called: "5 Frogs and a Prince." Cameron was so engages and into the show. He loved the story. He'll tell you about how the prince was turned into a frog (his dad asked a fairy to save his son from drowning, so she turned him into a frog). He has a harder time discussing how the frog went back to becoming a prince (a princess kissed him). He keeps asking me if he can go back and see the 5 frogs and a prince again... He doesn't seem to understand that once a play is over, you can't see it again.

The next day (and the many days after that), Cameron has needed to talk to women carrying babies. He asks: "Did the baby come out of your belly?" She says yes... And at least a couple of time he's replied: "Oh yeah. I knew that."

This morning, Cameron told me he drank too much milk and he "hurt the baby in my belly." His stomach felt full... But he had to remind me of the baby. Yesterday, Cameron told me he had his baby sister in his belly and I had his baby brother in my belly.

Ahh. The mind of a three year old.


Belly Flop

It was beach day at Cam's school today. That means he got to put on his bathing suit and play in water. He loves that. He absolutely adores it. So when we were playing in the house this morning, I mentioned to him that it was beach day. Immediately, he decided he had to get to school. He started stripping to put on his bathing suit... But I made him keep the clothes on. He could change at school.

SO... After talking to Randy, the water play was a success. They had a sprinkler and it created a big puddle in his playground. That sounds fine and good... But that puddle was in the shredded up tires in the playground. That's okay... But Cameron and his friend thought it would be fun to jump from a piece of playgound equipment and bellyflop into the water. Not so smart. SO his teachers asked the boys to stop... But Cameron did it one more time in spite (that's his thing these days). When the teacher asked: "Cameron, doesn't that hurt?" Cam looked at her with a smile and said yes.


A tumble out of bed

So... We figured it would happen someday. Cameron fell out of bed around 11:45 last night. We were laying there in bed when we heard the bump. But there was no sound after that. I was waiting for Cam to start crying. We just waiting for a moment. No sound.
So we rushed to his room and found him standing there... About to get back into bed. He says: "I fell down." I made sure he was okay... He was just fine. He was happy. It was so strange.
We gave him hugs and kisses and said good night and he happily went back to sleep.
He ended up having a quick bathroom break before he really went back to sleep... But he was able to do that all by himself and just told us good night one more time. No problems after that.

Yeah. We finally get Cameron to a place in his life where he's reasonably self-sufficient and we mess things up and bring another one into the picture. We're silly, silly people.

By the way. On a totally different topic: Cameron can say the Pledge of Allegiance by heart and he likes to call eyebrows "eyegrows."


A McDonald's Disaster

While his parents are in Chicago... Cameron's Poppy and Grandma took the boy to McD's... Which sounds like fun for any kid who likes cheap little toys. But Cameron encountered THE PLAY AREA.

Sounds like fun right?

Not when Cameron got stuck at the top. There's a little bridge that is see-through and very wiggly. That's not so great for a relatively safe and worried three-year-old. Poppy had to climb up and help him out.

Poor Cam. Poor Poppy.

I bet everyone slept well last night.


Cameron's belly

So Randy just called to tell me the big news. Cameron thinks he has a baby in his belly. He says her name is Haley and he let Randy talk to her and then he let me talk to her over the phone.



A farmer's market doesn't have cows

Cameron got a chance to visit a farmer's market with us over the weekend. He had fun talking to everyone and touching vegetables. (That's about as close as he gets to eating them)

Anyway. He kept asking where were the cows. I realized he thought a farmer's market is like visiting a farm. He just couldn't understand why there weren't any cows. So I decided to buy some burgers for dinner. That's about as close to a cow we could get.

Big boy bed

Cameron's room suddenly looks like a big boy room. We moved in a twin bed into his room yesterday. Cameron was very excited and wasn't very patient as we moved the big bed in and the baby bed out. He did a pretty good job in his first night. There was one moment when he woke up crying... But it's because he slithered lower on the bed and ended up sweating under the comforter. That scared him a bit. Other than that, all is well.

What a big boy.


Our reliance on technology

So I was out of town for a few days. That's no big deal. But the problem was I couldn't get enough bandwidth to talk to Cameron on my little iSight camera. Cam was so bummed. When he woke up this morning, the first thing he told me was the computer was broken so he couldn't see me in Denver. We've been so lucky to talk on the computer on all of our other trips. So this was actually a shock to Cameron! It's funny how lucky this kid is to stay in touch with us the way we do.

By the way. His new thing is to want to read a book with me in my bed before I officially wake up. It's very sweet. We cuddle up and read. This morning, all three of us read one of Cameron's new books about having a little brother or sister.


A Cook-Out!

We got to enjoy a cook out with his classmates this afternoon... After Randy and I went to the doctor to hear the new baby's heartbeat. I brought a sound recording to the park to let Cameron listen. He was really excited.

Cam has been learning about the Fourth of July at school. He told me that it's a holiday and it's called "Independensteak" instead of Independence Day. Very, very funny.

This morning I told Cam about his cook out at school... And he spent the whole morning using that word as often as possible.

By the way... he's acting less moody... So we're back to having fun.


A monster in my house

I'm guessing allergens or a cold changed Cam's mood for the last couple of days. He's whining, crying and dwelling on stupid things... Like how he wanted Cheerio's for lunch. He dwelled on that issue for 2 hours. 2 HOURS!

I'm hoping a little allergy medicine and a good night's sleep will help.

Randy's home and he's finally exhausted after 24 hours of travel. He mowed the lawn... I have no idea how he found the energy.


Baby talk

Cameron is excited about being a baby brother.

Last night I was reading him a book about the Berenstain Bears where the boy bear grows out of his bed and goes with his dad when they build a new, bigger bed. When they get back home, there's a new baby in the old, small bed. So when Cam went to bed that night, he asked me if his bed was too small. I said I guessed it was. Then he asked me if he was going to get a new bed and I said yes.

Then he asked if Papa Bear was going to build him a new bed... with nails. I told him I'd see what I can do.

Tonight I were were in the middle of our nighttime prayers when he reached over to my belly and quietly said: "I love you baby."

Wow that was sweet.


He knows

Cameron asked me: "What you got in your belly?"

I asked him a question back: "What do you think is in my belly?"

He said: "A baby?"

I told him he was right.

He stared into the distance for a little while and said: "Take it out."

I told him I couldn't do that right now.

He stared a little while longer, like he was ingesting this information. I don't know what comes next. I put him down for his nap. Maybe I'll buy him a children's book about babies.

We had a great weekend together... We went to a really fun pool with Cam's friends Justin and Lily. We had a dinner picnic with Lily and his Mom in our backyard. Cam got to sing with his choir in front of church. We played with puzzles, we read a lot of books... We took really great naps. We miss Daddy... But we're hanging in there and keeping busy.


So Many Things

I've been so busy with vacation and our big family announcement... That I haven't posted much here lately.

If you don't know by now... We're expecting baby number two in the first week of January! Cam doesn't know yet, but it won't be long. We're waiting until he notices that big belly that's already forming.

Anyway. Cameron's been very, very busy. He got to go to Maine with the family and had a blast. His favorite things to do were throwing rocks and standing on the big tall rocks. We got to spend time with my parents and brother and meet my uncle's new wife and daughter. It was a great trip. We also announced Baby Z (yes, he or she has a blog too: reevesbaby2.blogspot.com)!

Cam's been really lovey with me lately. My favorite story is how we were sitting together at the breakfast table when he reached over and stroked my hair and said: "I like your hair."

I thanked him.
"De nada!"

Then he stroked my leg and said: "I like your leg."
I thanked him again (but with a bit of skepticism)
"De nada!"

Mind you, the de nada came with a really cheesy, lovey smile. We are clearly in love with each other these days. Man, 3 years old is so much sweeter than 2!!


What's Your Name?

Cameron's really into know what people's names are. He just likes walking up to strangers and ask: "What's your name?" Everyone seems willing to tell him... And he's proud to say he's: CameronLeeReeves. He says it so fast, it sounds like one very long first name.

He's very interested in my name. So I told him... Now I have a "real name" and a name that Cameron calls me: "Mommy." Fun.


High energy kid

Randy and I just got out of Cameron's parent-teacher conference. He's doing great... But we all know, he's very high energy. His teacher says there's times when she just hands him some play-doh just to keep his hands busy. Yikes.

But the great news is what we already know: He loves to learn and he's learning a lot. He's incredibly verbal... And just has times when he has a rough time controling his emotions from time to time.

The teacher commented on how we were amused when we were going through his files... He's not perfect at everything? Of course not. She said some parents get really concerned. We know the boy is okay. No reason to stress out yet!


I'm sweet too

So it appears that Cameron's new thing is to stroke my ego when I do something he wants me to do. Today, after having a battle over how he had to eat a bannana *before* he could eat granola... When he finally got to eat the granola... As I handed it to hime he announced that I am "a really sweet girl."

Goodness. That's very kind. But I see through his coy plan.


I'd Love To!

Cameron has had the chance to enjoy a bunch of babysitters this weekend because of graduation. Cameron tells me it was fun. He was able to scam last night's babysitter into letting him sleep with every single toy he's ever owned and leave the light on so he could play with them. Today he convinced his babysitter that watching TV for hours would be fun.

He's a scammer.

We took him over to a graduation brunch and he was amazing. Cam played by himself with a bunch of super hero toys that was at the house. He was incredibly social. When he went outside, one adult asked Cam if he'd like to play soccer with her. Cameron responded: "I'd LOVE to!!!" Where does he get this stuff?

He was pretty loopy because he was so out of his schedule this weekend. We also got word a couple of days ago that Cam can eat dairy again. So I had to get him ice cream this weekend. Unfortunately, I decided to buy some an hour before bed time. He got sticky, gooey and started complaining that the ice cream was too cold. So I put it back in the freezer for later. That led to a freak-out fest right before bed. I blame myself. But he got to bed.. Just 40 minutes later than usual.

By the way. The way I get Cam out of a freak out these days: I rock him in my arms and sing "Rock A Bye Baby" until he starts screaming: "I'M A BIG BOY!!!!"


Bad Habit

Cameron has a thing for playing with his toys at the dinner table. We haven't put a stop to it. The latest rule is no big toys are allowed on the table... After too many spilled milks.

It's hard to put a stop to an imagination.

He just tried to put Mr. Incredible in his rice krispies. That's not good. Hmmm.

Earlier today Cameron and his dad sang me happy birthday. It was very sweet. Cameron decided that since it's my birthday, it his as well. So we've been singing happy birthday to each other all day long.


I'm Nice!

Cameron loves me. It's the day before my birthday and he slept in until 8:15am. Then we went downstairs for breakfast.
He asked me for milk with a very nice please... And as I poured the milk he said: "You're so nice to me."

Gosh. Thanks! I feel so good about myself.


Sky time

Cam and I are enjoying the great weather out there.

Yesterday was a really cool day. We ran around in the backyard chasing after monsters. Then I noticed our front yard looked really great with all of the leaves. So Cam asked me to lay on the ground with him and look at the leaves.

We did just that -- looking up at the trees, the sky, clouds and birds. It was so cool. Then we started looking at the colors and talking about those colors in Spanish. Very cool.

By the way, Cameron's turned the back stoop in our backyard into a stage. He stands there and sings. When I clap he starts to bow really low as if he made a performance of a lifetime. Fun to watch.


Sticky mud

Cameron and I are hanging out at the kitchen table right now. Bubba is barking at squirrels in the front yard. I'm surfing the web while Cam plays with morado play-doh. Yes, that's right morado. We're talking spanish colors when we play with play-doh for some reason. Cameron decided his Mr. Incredible toy is stuck in sticky mud (or purple play-doh)

Nevermind. Now Mr. Incredible created a face in the play-doh and now the face is talking to Mr. Incredible. You never know what can come alive in Mr. Cam's eyes.

Cam woke up really early this morning... He needed to go to the bathroom... Then he spent about 45 minutes trying to talk me into coming into his room or letting him sleep with me. In the end, we got into a tickle fest in my bed while daddy got ready for work.

Not a bad morning in our household.


Funny things Cam said

Yesterday we were about to go to a friend's house. I wasn't sure if we knew where to go. So I asked Randy if he knew how to get there.

Cameron responded: "You drive like this:" And he held his hands up like he was holding the steering wheel of the car.

Ahhhh. So that's how you get there. Thanks Cam.


Cameron was in sunday school eating a snack. Randy and I were talking to a parent when I asked Cam if he was ready to go. He said: "No. You keep talking."


Cam doesn't watch as much t.v. as before. I decided to turn it off on our mornings. We play more... We mainly play with Incredibles toys. Anyway. He just looked at a TV and called commercials: "Commershinals"

Azul y Rojo

Cam and I went to the library this past week. I thought he might like to listen into story time. We got there... But he wasn't interested in the story time. He wanted to run around and read as many books on as many different chairs in the kid area.

The best part was when a little boy threw a book on the floor that was all about colors. I told Cam to pick it up and read the book to the little boy. So Cam sat on the floor in front of the little boy and said:

"Hi! I'm Cameron. I'm going to read to you."

He opened the book and said: "Blue. Azul. Red. Rojo."

Those Spanish lessons seem to be working! That's pretty cool.


Teenage years in preview

So we've had quite a ride lately. Cameron had his adenoids out two weeks ago. It's like we have a different child. He runs all the time. There really isn't a moment when he slows down. But we realize we're probably already getting a little peek at what Cam will be like as a teenager.

Here's an example: We went to the Earth Day celebration today. Cameron was so NOT into it. There was music to enjoy, games to play... But he didn't like any of it except for the popcorn.

Until we found two of his friends from school. Suddenly it was awesome. Suddenly he had Luke and Justin to play with. Suddenly they could share popcorn with each other. Hilarious.

It was also kind of nice just to be able to talk to adults. I need more of that.


Long time, no blog

So... There have been dozens of funny moments... And I've forgotten to post them.

Today is Easter. Cameron was very lucky and got some very cool toys... Including a Buzz Lightyear and Woody toy. He had a hard time at church because he couldn't bring Buzz to church (he says: "To infinity and beyond!"). Anyway. Cam immediately starting singing about Buzz with a tune created by the VeggieTales folks for its hero, Larry Boy.

Here's one from last week:
Cameron’s really obsessed with a little character toy from the movie, “The Incredibles.” He loves playing with Dash. One day, I sent Cameron to school but I had to take the toy away against his wishes... We don’t bring toys to school from home. It just starts fights. (My toy! No, my toy!) Anyway. I left the toy in the car and realized Randy should take it with him... So I put the toy in my purse to hand over to Randy.

But I forgot to give the toy to Randy.

SO, I get a call during a meeting. I answered thinking it was Randy... When a voice says: “Mommy? Do you have my Dash?”

I responded: “Oh no! Yes I do. I’m sorry buddy!”

“Bring it back to me.”

Very demanding little bugger. I ended up leaving Dash in bed with him when I got home. He was very excited when he woke up the next morning.


What a trip

Cameron and his Daddy got home yesterday from our big vacation in Florida.

We were delayed for many hours in Chicago as a snow storm roared. As we waited for them to finally tell us we could board the plane, Cameron decided to play plane. He asked me to sit on the floor with him. He pretended to buckle up and made sure I buckle up. He put his arms in the air and announced we were flying and then he bounced a little and announced we landed. Then he took his seatbelt off and said: "We in the new airport!"

I looked up and realized the entire gate was watching our performance. It was so cool.

I had to leave town again for a conference. Randy said when they finally got home, Cameron told him: "We had a great trip."

That is also very cool.


God bless....

Cameron had a rough time going to bed tonight.

According to Randy, he really wanted a drink of water or milk... But it was bed time and he had to deal.

So here was his first four items in his prayer:

Bless water... and drinking... and milk... and drinking

He's good.


I'm not done "prayering"

Cameron's found a great way to stall going to bed at night: His prayers.

Cam's prayer went a record 12 minutes last night. He prayed for everything from his parents and grandparents to his Uncle's girlfriend, his mac and cheese, the door, the window and the other window, the paint on the walls, the Tigers , the football team, his bed, pillow, books (and he named some titles), Kodah (his stuffed bear), his pajamas, The Wiggles, The VeggieTales (he called it BeggieTales), Little Mermaid, Beast and Beauty, Buzz Lightyear... The list just kept going. Everytime I tried to tell him "Amen," he'd say: "Wait, wait, I'm not done prayering."

He finally went to bed... But not for long. He had a rough night thanks to his latest ear and sinus infection. Poor kid.

We're hoping to figure out his latest ills... We're working with a specialist and hope to help Cam live a more comfortable life soon.


Oh that is really gross

I promised not to talk potty talk much.

But Cameron is officially in the regression phase.

He's never had this many poop mistakes and I think tonight's won the prize for the worst.

I won't give a ton of details. But Randy tells me he was doing okay with the clean up when he was helping clean Cam... He kind of detatched himself cleaning someone else up. But when Cam sat on Randy's arm... That's when he started losing it.

That is really gross.


Holiday's over

I forgot to mention -- Last weekend Cameron noticed I was slowly putting some of the decorations away. That's when he looked at me and said: "Holiday's over Mommy."

He seemed okay with it all.

Imagination takes a turn

So Randy got an iPod for Christmas and he was really obsessed with finding all of our CD's in the boxes we haven't unpacked since we moved. So he opened up a box that was half CD's and half VHS tapes. Those tapes include all of my Disney movies that we've never watched with Cam because we don't use a VHS player anymore.

Cam decided the VHS tape boxes are toys... Pictures of stories he can pretend with. Last night I called him from work when Cam told me he was playing Princess (I have Beauty and the Beast and other pretty girly movies from Disney). He was making up stories with the boxes as if they're toys because the poor kid has never seen a VHS tape box before.

So as he went to bed with Randy last night, he announced: "I'm a princess." Randy replied, "No, you're a prince." "I'm a princess." "No, you're a pince." "NO, I'm a princess." "You can't be a princess, Mommy's a princess." Cameron replied: "Oh."

That was the end of the conversation.

Until this morning. He decided he's a princess and started getting upset when I said I'm a princess and he's a prince. So I dropped it... Why not let the boy pretend what he wants to pretend. But then he announced I'm the Beast and he's Beauty. I tried not to feel insulted. I think we need to return to Buzz Lightyear and run around the house yelling.


Happy New Year!

Cameron likes to yell that at the top of his voice... It could be the sugar. He's had a lot of it during the holidays.

We've been busy with family and I haven't posted much lately... But I'll say we've had some very funny moments with Cam lately.

He's a little obsessed with who gave him what toy. He sits down and starts playing with something and he'll state plainly: "Grandma bought this for me." He is right about who bought the item almost every time. It's a little creepy.

Cam's also taken imagination to a higher level... He's Dash from the Incredibles, then seconds later he's Buzz Lightyear, when suddenly he's Woody. He likes to walk up to me and say: "Who are you?" I say, "I don't know, who am I?" And Cameron chooses a partner to the character he is at the moment. If he's Dash, I'm Mr. Incredible. If he's Buzz, I'm Woody. If he's Woody, I'm Buzz or Bullseye (Woody's horse).

Randy's parents found a pretty big rocking horse that's suspended by springs... Cam got to play with it over Christmas with his new cowboy hat. He called it Bullseye and had a ball. When we got home, we reminded him that he has Bulleye here with his smaller wooden rocking horse. Cameron called it: "Little Bullseye"

Happy New Year to everyone... I hope you have many reasons to smile.