Fall's falling leaves

Remember that scene in the movie "Titanic" when Leonado DiCaprio stands on the ship with his arms outstretched and carefree. Imagine Cameron doing that as the wind blows and leaves fall around him. We chased leaves all morning today... And Cameron was amazing. We waited for a big gust of wind and then Cam would just run through the backyard trying to catch a leaf. He was so proud to show each one to me. He even started telling the leaves to drop so he could get more.

We also got the local garbage truck driver to honk two times... Each time it took Cam's breath away because it was so loud and exciting to him.

To think it took me 10 minutes to convince him that playing outside would be fun today.

He's ready for Halloween

So Cameron and I were walking around the neighborhood looking for someone to tell about our new kitchen... So we found our victims: A couple who is building a new addition to their home. As we talked, Cameron started playing with a stick. He broke it in half... Put the sticks on his head and said: "Look Mommy! I deer."


So busy, so many stories

We're wrapping up a week-long massive renovation of our kitchen... and most of our first floor. I'm pooped. We were lucky for Randy's parents to help. His dad offered his skills on the project, his mom offered her skills of patience to keep Cameron occupied.

Here's a couple of quick Cam moments:

His Grandma and Poppy were helping him get dressed for the morning. He patted his Grandma on the head and said: "Grandma little. Poppy BIG!" (He stressed the word BIG)

His Dad and Poppy put in a new floor. When I came in the morning, he pulled me into the kitchen, laid on the floor and said: "Look Mommy! My new floor!" He did something similar the next morning as the whole kitchen really came together: "Look Mommy! My new kitchen!" We visited our neighbors today... I was talking about our project when he piped in about "his kitchen." They were right. Kids really do think they own everything.

Another quick one: Cam and his Grandma were in the basement reading his Blue's Clues book. She convinced him to go upstairs to say goodnight to us. After the important hugs and kisses, his Grandma told him to go upstairs and read more books. He asked for his Blue's Clues book, and his Grandma said they's read it upstairs (just to get him to go). But he countered: "But Blue's Clues downstairs." I think that's the first time Cameron's ever questioned an adult. (By the way, I told Cam I'd get the book if he'd go upstairs to bed. That actually worked.)

Oh... Another thing: Cameron things it's cool to swim in the bathtub. We took a swim lesson class this summer and he practices "big hands" (a precursor to the freestyle stroke) and kicking. I ended up soaked after tonight's bathtub experience.


I'm not Superman!

This morning Cameron was on his way downstair when his Daddy called him Superman. Cam responded: "I no Superman. I Cameron."

Smart kid.


As You Wish

Cameron likes The Princess Bride. You know, the movie, "The Princess Bride." For some reason, Randy introduced the movie to Cam... And the kid is obsessed. He woke up this morning asking me if he could watch "The Princess Guide." Close. I understood that one.

Oh. Another quick one. I'm sure Cam will appreciate this later in life. I was putting his pull ups on yesterday morning (yes, fake underwear that works like diapers). Cameron asked me for peanutbutter while he was laying on the changing table. I didn't understand until he pointed to his bottom and exclaimed: "Peanutbutter." He was asking for what his Dad and I call: Butt butter. That's what we call Desitin. He wanted butt butter and could only think of the work peanutbutter. To me, that's hillarious.

Maybe you had to be there.


My little Jeckyl and Hyde

Yesterday Cameron woke up a bear and stayed that way. It was the first time he'd ever begged NOT to go to school. Today was the totally opposite. He ASKED to go see his friends at school. What's up with the mood swings. It can't just be a sleep thing. It's a bizzare toddler mood swing thing... Kind of a preview of teenager moods. Bizzare.


This is when Cam and I were in Aunt Tisha's wedding back in April. I posted it here for nor reason really... Just 'cause I like it. Posted by Hello

Even signs are amazing

Did you know there's a song or saying with every political sign? It turns out Cameron knows. We were walking around the neighborhood trying to find a neighbor to show off Cam's new band-aid (yes, he had an owie on his hand). As we searched for a poor soul who was outside, he discovered three political sign.

The first sign was Bush/Cheney. It had a flag on it... So Cam attempted to say the Pledge of Allegance: "I pwedge aweegance to dah fwag... Of Americut." Yes, that's right. America is actually "Americut." The next sign had a star on it... So Cam sang "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." The third and final sign just had the candidate's name on it... So he exclaimed: "Look Mommy! ABC's!" And he proceeded to sing the alphabet song.

Yes. Cameron found one neighbor to show off his band-aid.


So I thought I'd give this a try

I've noticed some parents have a tendancy to write down funny moments with their kids. I've also noticed I haven't... But every day there seems there was something funny, amusing or downright hillarious that Cam did. Then I spend the rest of the day telling people the story.

I figured this may be a way I can be sure those who care have a place to see.

We'll see if I actually keep up with the stories:

Here's a couple:
Last week, we took Cam to a big festival. A friend of mine was playing in the local symphony under a gazebo while dogs did tricks. Yes, that's strange. But what do you expect when you live in Missouri. Anyway. Cam had a blue balloon and he thought that was pretty cool. We sat there and enjoyed the music... When Cam noticed a balloon in the sky, flying away. He said: "Oh no! Mommy, go get it!" I explained to him that I couldn't and it was pretty. I convinced him to wave bye-bye to the balloon. That calmed him... Until a blue balloon flew into the sky and Cam thought it was his that was flying away. He freaked. We had to show him his balloon was still with us... And he spent most of the time making sure his wouldn't fly away. "Balloon no fly?" He repeated that on a regular basis. He also tried to get into the performance area with the dogs. But that struggle isnt' worth blabbing about.

On our way back from a Tiger's football game last Saturday, Cameron announced he was going to hit me. I said that made me sad. Cameron announced I should cry (he asks that on a regular basis... it's a game). I told him that he should cry. So Cameron responded: "No Mommy. I no cry. I'm happy." Maybe you had to be there, but that killed us. Randy and I giggled all the way home.