I'm not done "prayering"

Cameron's found a great way to stall going to bed at night: His prayers.

Cam's prayer went a record 12 minutes last night. He prayed for everything from his parents and grandparents to his Uncle's girlfriend, his mac and cheese, the door, the window and the other window, the paint on the walls, the Tigers , the football team, his bed, pillow, books (and he named some titles), Kodah (his stuffed bear), his pajamas, The Wiggles, The VeggieTales (he called it BeggieTales), Little Mermaid, Beast and Beauty, Buzz Lightyear... The list just kept going. Everytime I tried to tell him "Amen," he'd say: "Wait, wait, I'm not done prayering."

He finally went to bed... But not for long. He had a rough night thanks to his latest ear and sinus infection. Poor kid.

We're hoping to figure out his latest ills... We're working with a specialist and hope to help Cam live a more comfortable life soon.

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