So many things...

But I just haven't had enough time to list the funny stories about Cameron lately.

He's hillarious and having a ball with his Grandma and Grandpa Lee from Florida and Uncle Jon from Washington, D.C.

We were sitting at the table the night his grandparents and Uncle Jon got into town when Cam announces: "See all ten peoples at the table?" We counted for real... And Cameron stated: "See the six peoples?"

This Thanksgiving morning, Cameron asked for a family hug: "Faah-mah-lee hug." He also said repeated prayers during our Thanksgiving dinner... Including his secret Cameron word: "Vaah-vah-veh." I ask him what it means and he replies: "I not know." But he only uses the word when he's happy. So the prayer went like this: "Vahh-vah-veh. The whole wide world. Amen."

One other thing. Since Cam saw the movie "The Incredibles," Cam likes to say: "Mommy, you Mr. Incredible. I Dash. Let's run Mr. Incredible." We've been running a lot lately. It's fun... And I like pretending I'm Mr. Incredible. By the way, Cameron says "Mr. 'Credible" I consider that what a superhero would be named if he was a journalist.


We opened up a can of worms

Cameron discovered he can get out of his bed all by himself. That means nap time is not guaranteed and a smiling face can pop up in my room very early in the morning.

We're currently dealing with a high level of toddler obstinance. Any command is denied... In the last 24 hours, my wonderful potty trained baby decided he'd rather pee on the floor. He's angry, challenging... And then two seconds later, he's sweet and saying the cutest stuff.

I'm beating my head into the wall.

It doesn't help that his daddy is out of town. I think that upsets Cam more than I realize. He asks about Randy at the strangest time. Yesterday we were walking to the Tiger football game and suddenly asked: "Where's Daddy/" He's not a fan of doing things that we do normally as a family just with Mommy. The good news: Daddy comes home late tonight!! Hooray!


Big boy bed... Almost

Cam stopped sleeping in a crib as of tonight.
We turned his bed into a day bed. So he can actually get in and out of bed on his own. I'm not too sure if Cam understands that. We removed it right before bed time.

He was really excited about his "big boy" bed... Until I tucked him in. He asked: "Where the wood?" He pointed to the space where the crib railings used to be. He looked a bit panicked. I told him it would be okay.

So far, so good. He's been asleep for four hours.

This very well could be one of my last nights when I can enjoy silence and peace and not worry my child is wandering around the house awake.

Bare bottom

I promised not to write too much about potty training. But we discovered the greatest training for Cam: No pants. Nothing. Bare bottom time is the best. We played all afternoon after our third soiled outfit was sent to the laundry. It was the first time the boy stopped what he was doing and went into the bathroom on his own.

It was amazing.

I'm a geeky mom. I know it.

Heck, I'm blogging about my child's potty training. That's really geeky.


Potty training is fun

Okay. Actually it's messy. But Cameron's doing a good job.

This is gross, but funny. He was bragging to me and his Grandma Lee that he made a "Big poop" in the potty. Then he stopped and said, "No Mommy. I mage a HUGE poop." Then he ran around the house yelling: "HUGE poop! HUGE poop! HUGE poop!"

I'll try to not talk too much about pee and poop in this blog. I promise


Trick or Treating!!!

Cameron absolutely loved Halloween... He loved the candy, he loved the costume (he was a lion this year). He really loved the fun and games in our neighborhood. The older kids in the neighborhood put together a party for the younger kids... There was throw the pumkins in the big pumkin, dig for candy in hay, decorate a pumpkin cookie, broomstick limbo... They even had a mini-hay ride. It was awesome.

It started raining just when we started trick or treating... But Cameron didn't care. We stopped at a number of houses. Cameron would yell at the door: "TRICK OR TREATING!" He'd take the candy, say thank you and then roar like a lion. We had a tough time explaining why we couldn't eat chocolate after each stop. (By the way, Cameron says: Choc-oh-latt)

Once we got home wet and happy Cameron kept trick or treating out of our bowl. Every time trick or treaters came to our door, Cam grabbed extra treats. He'd run around the house yelling! "I trick or treating!" He did well with his sugar high.

Daddy 46

Last weekend we had a big surprise party for Randy... There's a big 40th birthday balloon in our house. Cameron likes to play with it. Today he looked at the balloon and exclaimed to me: "Daddy 46!"