Happy New Year!

Cameron likes to yell that at the top of his voice... It could be the sugar. He's had a lot of it during the holidays.

We've been busy with family and I haven't posted much lately... But I'll say we've had some very funny moments with Cam lately.

He's a little obsessed with who gave him what toy. He sits down and starts playing with something and he'll state plainly: "Grandma bought this for me." He is right about who bought the item almost every time. It's a little creepy.

Cam's also taken imagination to a higher level... He's Dash from the Incredibles, then seconds later he's Buzz Lightyear, when suddenly he's Woody. He likes to walk up to me and say: "Who are you?" I say, "I don't know, who am I?" And Cameron chooses a partner to the character he is at the moment. If he's Dash, I'm Mr. Incredible. If he's Buzz, I'm Woody. If he's Woody, I'm Buzz or Bullseye (Woody's horse).

Randy's parents found a pretty big rocking horse that's suspended by springs... Cam got to play with it over Christmas with his new cowboy hat. He called it Bullseye and had a ball. When we got home, we reminded him that he has Bulleye here with his smaller wooden rocking horse. Cameron called it: "Little Bullseye"

Happy New Year to everyone... I hope you have many reasons to smile.

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