Why do people get sick?

My aunt is in the hospital... She's battled ovarian cancer for the last eight and a half years. It's a mean, mean cancer. Right now she's in the hospital due to blood clots - a danger that is created from the chemo treatments.

I've made sure Aunt Jan is in Cameron's prayers in the last few nights. Each night he's asked me about illness and hospitals. Tonight he asked me why people get sick. I told him that some people get sick because they didn't wash their hands or they happened to be close to someone who was already sick. Then there are other people who get sick and no one knows why. Cameron asked if that's what happened to Aunt Jan. I said yes... But honestly, I wish I had more answers why some people get these kinds of horrible illnesses. My mom has Type 1 diabetes. That's supposed to be a genetic terminal illness - but it isn't in our family's history until my mom got it. No one we know in our family tree has had ovarian cancer but my aunt got it. It all just sucks. That's all I can say. It sucks.

So if you have a moment... Say a prayer for my aunt. If you don't do the prayer thing, I ask you to think positive thoughts in the direction of Dallas. My aunt deserves every bit of it.

[update on 1/6/08: She's out of the hospital!!]


Found in Cam's bag:

Two pieces of paper.

On the front of the first page: A big heart with the words, "I love you. Look on the back"

On the back of the first page: "Lets have a sleep over this night."

On the second piece of paper: The girl's phone number