Long time, no blog

So... There have been dozens of funny moments... And I've forgotten to post them.

Today is Easter. Cameron was very lucky and got some very cool toys... Including a Buzz Lightyear and Woody toy. He had a hard time at church because he couldn't bring Buzz to church (he says: "To infinity and beyond!"). Anyway. Cam immediately starting singing about Buzz with a tune created by the VeggieTales folks for its hero, Larry Boy.

Here's one from last week:
Cameron’s really obsessed with a little character toy from the movie, “The Incredibles.” He loves playing with Dash. One day, I sent Cameron to school but I had to take the toy away against his wishes... We don’t bring toys to school from home. It just starts fights. (My toy! No, my toy!) Anyway. I left the toy in the car and realized Randy should take it with him... So I put the toy in my purse to hand over to Randy.

But I forgot to give the toy to Randy.

SO, I get a call during a meeting. I answered thinking it was Randy... When a voice says: “Mommy? Do you have my Dash?”

I responded: “Oh no! Yes I do. I’m sorry buddy!”

“Bring it back to me.”

Very demanding little bugger. I ended up leaving Dash in bed with him when I got home. He was very excited when he woke up the next morning.

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