Fun day

Cameron had a ball today. It was teddy bear picnic day at school. Cam got to wear pajamas to school and bring a teddy bear. They even got to watch Goldilocks and the Three Bears. He was very happy. To make the day even better... His Poppy and Grandma picked him up from school (They arrived today with Moma Dot and Daddy Jr). And the day continued to totally rock because it was so warm outside, we got to play and run around.

To make my day great... Cameron actually ate a barbecue sandwich... He didn't eat all of it. But it was great to see him take bites of something without crying or complaining. That was big.


A big owie

Cam woke up around 3am this morning crying: "Owieee!!" His ear was hurting... And I decided it's swim ear. He hurt on Monday during nap time at school. I put in swim drops into his ear and everything seemed okay until early this morning. Fortunately, the doctor's office was willing to listen to my analysis of the situation and prescribe him ear drops without him having to come in. How great is that?

Anyway. This morning, I asked Cam how his ear was feeling and he said it was okay. But later he told me his voice changed, he could hear it in his ear. Clearly, it was clogged up. Poor buddy. So he can't take swim lessons again until his ear gets better. I'm sad about that for him. But Randy said he may work with Cam later next week so he doesn't fall behind. Poor guy.


Swim lesson!

Cam started swim lessons today! I'm so proud of him. Randy says Cam was very brave... He really liked using a kick board and took risks he's never taken in a pool before. I'm thrilled. And from talking to Cam, he's proud of himself.


Big birthday weekend

Cam got to go to brthday parties on Saturday and Sunday. A swim party on Saturday and a standard run around and eat sugar party on Sunday. Randy took Cam to the pool party while I shopped for Sunday's party. I took Cam and Jordan to the party on Sunday. Cam was pretty good this weekend... His desire to fight control continues. He cried through almost all of church today. That was rough. But we're hanging in there. The best part of tonight: Cam and I sat together and listened to a fun CD that has a lyric book. Then later, during dinner... Cam, Randy and I made up songs together. It was cool.


Tantrum Central

I realize Cam has a lot to deal with these days. There's a new baby and there's a lot of focus on her... And not Cam. But all he's been doing is throwing fits. I swear, he cried more than Jordan today. I'm tired and I know my patience is low... So is Randy's. I feel terrible about it. But if he had his way, Cam would have spent the entire day watching movies. He is testing the hell out of us... I just wish that testing would not include so much crying.

Beyond the tantrums... Cam is picking up an amusing sense of humor. When we were at church today, he spoke out in the middle of the children's sermon and made the congregation laugh. He turns to the crowd and says: "Don't laugh at me." But you know he loved it. He also told his friend Camryn's parents that he plans to teach Jordan how to be funny. I think he'll be very good at that.


Space Grandma

Cameron had breakfast with his Grandma Lee one more time this morning before she left for home. She went downstairs with curlers in her hair. Cameron told her she looked like a Space Grandma. She went up and took it off. He thought she looked much better without the curlers.

He was also very persuasive when he was asking for his breakfast... He asked for milk, cheerios, yogurt... and an ice cream sandwich. It's like he thought he could sneak that in. Nice try kid.


More proof he's a big boy

For the last 3 nights, Cam has made it through the final step of potty training. He actually wakes up on his own to go potty in the middle of the night. Incredible. Randy was going up to take Cam to the bathroom a few nights ago when he found the boy was already there. No accidents since then. I realize I just cursed us by posting about this development. Oh well.


Some Christmas Tidbits

I just looked at the blog and realized I never wrote a thing about Cam's Christmas. I was uncomfortable and soon after the holiday, I went into labor. So, who knew.

Cameron had his entire closest family members visiting our house: Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Jon, Grandma and Poppy, Moma Dot and Daddy Junior and Uncle Barry. And the boy was PILED with gifts (as you can see in the picture). The amazing thing is he recognized and enjoyed each gift. He even enjoyed his clothing gifts. He never opened a gift and just threw it to the side. He thanked everyone, gave out hugs and admired everything. Gift opening took FOREVER! But we weren't going to stop him from being respectful.

The gift of the year: The Buzz Lightyear rocket toy that Cam has asked for since this summer. It's a smash hit. He still plays with it obsessively. He has a huge imagination and comes up with all kinds of adventures for Buzz and a little alien toy.

Oh. And the day before Christmas Eve, Cam was on a local variety show to celebrate the holidays. He was a camera hog and ended up upstaging the hosts of the show a few times. By the end of the show, the hosts even knew his name and called on him to give him a chance to talk. The boy ain't shy.

Wow. He needs to go to school.

Cameron has been out of school for more than a week. He's been consumed with family time and nothing is normal. And if he tells me NO over a stupid thing one more time... I think I'm going to lose it.

Here's the funny part.

Cameron's tantrums are loud, violent and upsetting (to him and I try to not let it bother me). Jordan doesn't react. Not one bit. Her brother doesn't phase her. It's amazing. Cam's going to have to work harder to get to her.

"I like being a big btother"

That's what Cam told me yesterday -- our first full day home with Jordan.

He's learning how to balance my attentions. I can't play hard, physical games. His tackle hugs hurt my newly renewed feeding abilities. Plus, he's been surrounded by all kinds of family members. We aren't in any kind of normal life pattern.

We return to school on Tuesday. That should help.