All kinds of stories

There's all kinds of funny stories to tell about Cameron these days.

On the 24th, I took Cam to his first play. It was called: "5 Frogs and a Prince." Cameron was so engages and into the show. He loved the story. He'll tell you about how the prince was turned into a frog (his dad asked a fairy to save his son from drowning, so she turned him into a frog). He has a harder time discussing how the frog went back to becoming a prince (a princess kissed him). He keeps asking me if he can go back and see the 5 frogs and a prince again... He doesn't seem to understand that once a play is over, you can't see it again.

The next day (and the many days after that), Cameron has needed to talk to women carrying babies. He asks: "Did the baby come out of your belly?" She says yes... And at least a couple of time he's replied: "Oh yeah. I knew that."

This morning, Cameron told me he drank too much milk and he "hurt the baby in my belly." His stomach felt full... But he had to remind me of the baby. Yesterday, Cameron told me he had his baby sister in his belly and I had his baby brother in my belly.

Ahh. The mind of a three year old.


Belly Flop

It was beach day at Cam's school today. That means he got to put on his bathing suit and play in water. He loves that. He absolutely adores it. So when we were playing in the house this morning, I mentioned to him that it was beach day. Immediately, he decided he had to get to school. He started stripping to put on his bathing suit... But I made him keep the clothes on. He could change at school.

SO... After talking to Randy, the water play was a success. They had a sprinkler and it created a big puddle in his playground. That sounds fine and good... But that puddle was in the shredded up tires in the playground. That's okay... But Cameron and his friend thought it would be fun to jump from a piece of playgound equipment and bellyflop into the water. Not so smart. SO his teachers asked the boys to stop... But Cameron did it one more time in spite (that's his thing these days). When the teacher asked: "Cameron, doesn't that hurt?" Cam looked at her with a smile and said yes.


A tumble out of bed

So... We figured it would happen someday. Cameron fell out of bed around 11:45 last night. We were laying there in bed when we heard the bump. But there was no sound after that. I was waiting for Cam to start crying. We just waiting for a moment. No sound.
So we rushed to his room and found him standing there... About to get back into bed. He says: "I fell down." I made sure he was okay... He was just fine. He was happy. It was so strange.
We gave him hugs and kisses and said good night and he happily went back to sleep.
He ended up having a quick bathroom break before he really went back to sleep... But he was able to do that all by himself and just told us good night one more time. No problems after that.

Yeah. We finally get Cameron to a place in his life where he's reasonably self-sufficient and we mess things up and bring another one into the picture. We're silly, silly people.

By the way. On a totally different topic: Cameron can say the Pledge of Allegiance by heart and he likes to call eyebrows "eyegrows."


A McDonald's Disaster

While his parents are in Chicago... Cameron's Poppy and Grandma took the boy to McD's... Which sounds like fun for any kid who likes cheap little toys. But Cameron encountered THE PLAY AREA.

Sounds like fun right?

Not when Cameron got stuck at the top. There's a little bridge that is see-through and very wiggly. That's not so great for a relatively safe and worried three-year-old. Poppy had to climb up and help him out.

Poor Cam. Poor Poppy.

I bet everyone slept well last night.


Cameron's belly

So Randy just called to tell me the big news. Cameron thinks he has a baby in his belly. He says her name is Haley and he let Randy talk to her and then he let me talk to her over the phone.



A farmer's market doesn't have cows

Cameron got a chance to visit a farmer's market with us over the weekend. He had fun talking to everyone and touching vegetables. (That's about as close as he gets to eating them)

Anyway. He kept asking where were the cows. I realized he thought a farmer's market is like visiting a farm. He just couldn't understand why there weren't any cows. So I decided to buy some burgers for dinner. That's about as close to a cow we could get.

Big boy bed

Cameron's room suddenly looks like a big boy room. We moved in a twin bed into his room yesterday. Cameron was very excited and wasn't very patient as we moved the big bed in and the baby bed out. He did a pretty good job in his first night. There was one moment when he woke up crying... But it's because he slithered lower on the bed and ended up sweating under the comforter. That scared him a bit. Other than that, all is well.

What a big boy.


Our reliance on technology

So I was out of town for a few days. That's no big deal. But the problem was I couldn't get enough bandwidth to talk to Cameron on my little iSight camera. Cam was so bummed. When he woke up this morning, the first thing he told me was the computer was broken so he couldn't see me in Denver. We've been so lucky to talk on the computer on all of our other trips. So this was actually a shock to Cameron! It's funny how lucky this kid is to stay in touch with us the way we do.

By the way. His new thing is to want to read a book with me in my bed before I officially wake up. It's very sweet. We cuddle up and read. This morning, all three of us read one of Cameron's new books about having a little brother or sister.


A Cook-Out!

We got to enjoy a cook out with his classmates this afternoon... After Randy and I went to the doctor to hear the new baby's heartbeat. I brought a sound recording to the park to let Cameron listen. He was really excited.

Cam has been learning about the Fourth of July at school. He told me that it's a holiday and it's called "Independensteak" instead of Independence Day. Very, very funny.

This morning I told Cam about his cook out at school... And he spent the whole morning using that word as often as possible.

By the way... he's acting less moody... So we're back to having fun.