Am I going to be four today?

Cameron is fixated on turning four. I keep asking him when his birthday is... And Cam knows it's April first. But he keeps asking. I think some of his friends are turning four and Cam wants to join in the fun.

He had a bad day on Thursday. But he ended the week with positive comments from his teachers. So we have our bad days and our good days. When Cam's days are bad, they're bad. When they're good... We're all happy.

Cam is really scared of shadows and noises these days. He got all freaked out by the squeaks of the second floor while I was getting dressed upstaires -- Cam was in the kitchen eating breakfast. "Mommy! I'm scared! What's that noise?" I know Halloween is exciting, but I look forward to us moving past this holiday just so he can stop feeling so scared.

We're taking him to St. Louis tomorrow. He gets to hang out with his Uncle Barry while Mommy and Daddy go to an uppity dinner/awards ceremony for the TV station. That will make it two weekends in a row when Mom and Dad get to hang out alone on a Saturday night.

Who knew that could happen?

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