I'd Love To!

Cameron has had the chance to enjoy a bunch of babysitters this weekend because of graduation. Cameron tells me it was fun. He was able to scam last night's babysitter into letting him sleep with every single toy he's ever owned and leave the light on so he could play with them. Today he convinced his babysitter that watching TV for hours would be fun.

He's a scammer.

We took him over to a graduation brunch and he was amazing. Cam played by himself with a bunch of super hero toys that was at the house. He was incredibly social. When he went outside, one adult asked Cam if he'd like to play soccer with her. Cameron responded: "I'd LOVE to!!!" Where does he get this stuff?

He was pretty loopy because he was so out of his schedule this weekend. We also got word a couple of days ago that Cam can eat dairy again. So I had to get him ice cream this weekend. Unfortunately, I decided to buy some an hour before bed time. He got sticky, gooey and started complaining that the ice cream was too cold. So I put it back in the freezer for later. That led to a freak-out fest right before bed. I blame myself. But he got to bed.. Just 40 minutes later than usual.

By the way. The way I get Cam out of a freak out these days: I rock him in my arms and sing "Rock A Bye Baby" until he starts screaming: "I'M A BIG BOY!!!!"

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