On an adventure

Cameron left today to visit his grandparents for the holiday... And he traveled with his uncle! Mom and Dad stayed behind for an extra day... So when Cam left: He was going on an adventure!! He was very excited and got there safe.

Cameron loves singing Jingle Bells... And even holds the tune! Very cute.

This is going to be a really fun time. We have a really great camera and hope to get a ton of video that's easy to edit... Something Mom hasn't done much. (I'm much more into the still photography)


Catch up

I noticed one of my posts didn't actually get on the site.

Here's a quick rundown on what's up with Cam this month:

He's totally into the holidays. He loves it. He loves the lights and the gifts and the music. All of it.

When we talk about Christmas he says two things: Santa gives me presents and It's Jesus' birthday. He's a sweetie.

We're considering this the most pure of holidays. Cameron can't tell us what he wants. He talks about lights and "It's the holidays!" He's absorbing himself in the joy and not the greed.

What fun.

No more pajamas

Cameron's teachers told a funny story I should share.

The day after their big performance, the entire school had pajama day. So Cam got to spend his day in comfy clothes.

Around 4 in the afternoon, Cam went to the bathroom. When he was done, he came out without his clothes on. Why you ask?

He told his teachers he was done wearing pajamas.

It took some time, but they convinced him to put the p.j.'s back on.


Another name

Today I was named "Woody Mommy"

Cam also often pretends we're climbing a rope and we fall down. I'm not sure why. But it's funny to watch him fall down and giggle.

That reminds me of a strange moment over Thanksgiving.

Cam was standing on the top of his step stool when he suddenly yells: "Humpty Dumpty had a great fall!" And he belly flopped onto the floor. He expected the adults in the room to complete the nursery rhyme, he'd laugh, climb up and do it again. I had to put a stop to it... I figured dealing with a couple of broken ribs was a poor way to end the holiday weekend.

I'm Woody

Cameron not only makes up stories that I'm Mr. Incredible and he's Dash. He's now calling me Woody while he's Buzz Lightyear. Hillarious.

He has a different style for running depending on which character he's pretending to be: If he's Dash, he takes very fast, quick steps and waves his arms back and forth quickly. If he's Buzz, he sticks his fisted hands out in front of his face and kind of tilts his head down as if he's going so fast, he needs to be a little more aerodynamic. It's quite funny.

Christmas is in your heart

We put the Christmas tree up in the house and decorated with lights in the front yard... Cameron is talking about Christmas a lot now.

When we first turned on the tree, the look of excitement in his face was so cool. It's was like someone just told him he could eat an entire chocolate cake by himself. The next morning we came downstair to turn the tree on and Cam exclaimed: "It's beautiful!"

That night, Cameron and I were walking upstairs to go to bed. Cam looked up to me and asked: "Where I find Christmas?" I told him it's in his heart. He looked down at his chest and back up to me in amazement. I'm sure he didn't quite understand what I was talking about, but he gave me a Christmas hug when I asked for one.