I'm going to be a good boy today

I called Cam this morning to say hi... He answered and told me immediately: "Mommy, I'm going to be a good boy today."

Which makes me wonder... What happened yesterday?

Actually, he had a note sent home to tell us about an incident he had with a "friend" on Tuesday... And Daddy had to institute the new rule: hurt a friend, dog or family member... lose a toy.

Hopefully Cam will focus more on using his words (He likes to yell: "Stop! I don't like that!" And yesterday, Cam and I discussed how we can walk away when someone upsets us... instead of hitting. Of course, he immediately walked away from Randy during an incident where Cam threw a toy into the Goldfish cracker bag. Who knows if I gave him a good idea.

Only time will tell. (Just like everything else)

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