I can't figure this kid out

So Cam started the morning crazy. He peed on his underwear during an early morning trip to the bathroom... I helped him go back to bed. One hour later, he did it again. That's when we got angry. There was no need for him to continue coming to us with his wet clothing problem... And then he started screaming out of control. I pounded into his room, demanded he get dressed and put him back to bed.

Did I mention his grandparents were here and had to listen to the insanity?

Not fun.

So Cam was a loose cannon for most of the day. He had to go to his room and scream it out because i wouldn't let him watch a movie. But minutes before that, he'd been fantastic at the grocery store, and even politely looked at a little baby that I demanded he see.

We ended the day carving pumpkins... Cam went to a pumpkin patch last week, so we carved that one along with a big, big pumpkin from a local store. Cameron decided the little happy face pumpkin was for Jordan, the big pumpkin is his.

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