A tumble out of bed

So... We figured it would happen someday. Cameron fell out of bed around 11:45 last night. We were laying there in bed when we heard the bump. But there was no sound after that. I was waiting for Cam to start crying. We just waiting for a moment. No sound.
So we rushed to his room and found him standing there... About to get back into bed. He says: "I fell down." I made sure he was okay... He was just fine. He was happy. It was so strange.
We gave him hugs and kisses and said good night and he happily went back to sleep.
He ended up having a quick bathroom break before he really went back to sleep... But he was able to do that all by himself and just told us good night one more time. No problems after that.

Yeah. We finally get Cameron to a place in his life where he's reasonably self-sufficient and we mess things up and bring another one into the picture. We're silly, silly people.

By the way. On a totally different topic: Cameron can say the Pledge of Allegiance by heart and he likes to call eyebrows "eyegrows."

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