Bravery on levels we've never seen

The moment we got to South Florida, Cameron was a different kid -- A kid who jumps into the pool (a really cold pool):

After that, it got even more interesting. He rode his bike all over my parents' neighborhood... And then we went to Disney World.

Cam went down ALL kinds of rollercoasters. He can actually boast riding every roller coaster in the Magic Kingdom in one day. From the Goofy's Barnstormer to Space Mountain. Pretty awesome... And it seems like he's interested in riding many more in the future. I'm pretty excited!


He really wants to go to Disney

Can't you tell by the pitiful look on his face? I was packing for our big trip to Florida and encouraged the kids to really hope Santa lets them to go to Disney World. (I sure hope so since I have a room there for two nights!) Anyway... He's hoping things work out. He even made sure he brought it up when he left a message for Santa:

Happy holidays everyone! I'll try to post a few more stories about the boy before the year ends!!


And now a word from Cameron...

I want to see Bedtime Stories. I want to see Bedtime Stories because whatever the niece and nephew say in the story comes to life. I want to see it in Florida with my family. 


Singing is fun!

Cameron started singing with our church children's choir a few months ago. Today he got to show off that hard work in a holiday choir performance. He totally ROCKED out to Joy To The World:

If you can't see it here, view it here.

Cameron is getting very excited about the holidays and Star Wars Lego Saga on the Wii. He gets so focused on specific games and topics. It's pretty amazing. We're also moving to the final book in the Spikerwick Chronicles. It's an intense book series but we love it. It's another other one those things where you find Cameron doing something above his age... and the next moment he throws a fit or gets angry about something silly and it reminds me that he's only six!! Through it all, I'm thankful he still lets me give him a cuddle and a hug from time to time. He's a sweetheart and I'm so happy to be his mom.