Busy weekend

Yesterday was the big homecoming parade and Cam had a chance to ride in it. I joined him in the trailer... While Daddy followed the float through town. We were all exhausted after that. Cam and I also enjoyed a grocery store trip and we made dinner for house guests who were in town.

Today we took an early nap and got to go to Cam's second theater show... Today we saw Beauty and the Beast. Cam wasn't so sure about it during a couple of portions... But he loved the big group songs and when we walked out of the show he said: "I had a great time!" He had a chance to sit in the second row and we got to say hi to all of the stars of the show afterwards. He HAD to say hi to the Beast and Belle... And at the end, he decided he had to say hi to every single person. I asked him if he was ready to go and he said: "I have to say some more hi's!"

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