So Many Things

I've been so busy with vacation and our big family announcement... That I haven't posted much here lately.

If you don't know by now... We're expecting baby number two in the first week of January! Cam doesn't know yet, but it won't be long. We're waiting until he notices that big belly that's already forming.

Anyway. Cameron's been very, very busy. He got to go to Maine with the family and had a blast. His favorite things to do were throwing rocks and standing on the big tall rocks. We got to spend time with my parents and brother and meet my uncle's new wife and daughter. It was a great trip. We also announced Baby Z (yes, he or she has a blog too: reevesbaby2.blogspot.com)!

Cam's been really lovey with me lately. My favorite story is how we were sitting together at the breakfast table when he reached over and stroked my hair and said: "I like your hair."

I thanked him.
"De nada!"

Then he stroked my leg and said: "I like your leg."
I thanked him again (but with a bit of skepticism)
"De nada!"

Mind you, the de nada came with a really cheesy, lovey smile. We are clearly in love with each other these days. Man, 3 years old is so much sweeter than 2!!

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