What's Your Name?

Cameron's really into know what people's names are. He just likes walking up to strangers and ask: "What's your name?" Everyone seems willing to tell him... And he's proud to say he's: CameronLeeReeves. He says it so fast, it sounds like one very long first name.

He's very interested in my name. So I told him... Now I have a "real name" and a name that Cameron calls me: "Mommy." Fun.


High energy kid

Randy and I just got out of Cameron's parent-teacher conference. He's doing great... But we all know, he's very high energy. His teacher says there's times when she just hands him some play-doh just to keep his hands busy. Yikes.

But the great news is what we already know: He loves to learn and he's learning a lot. He's incredibly verbal... And just has times when he has a rough time controling his emotions from time to time.

The teacher commented on how we were amused when we were going through his files... He's not perfect at everything? Of course not. She said some parents get really concerned. We know the boy is okay. No reason to stress out yet!


I'm sweet too

So it appears that Cameron's new thing is to stroke my ego when I do something he wants me to do. Today, after having a battle over how he had to eat a bannana *before* he could eat granola... When he finally got to eat the granola... As I handed it to hime he announced that I am "a really sweet girl."

Goodness. That's very kind. But I see through his coy plan.


I'd Love To!

Cameron has had the chance to enjoy a bunch of babysitters this weekend because of graduation. Cameron tells me it was fun. He was able to scam last night's babysitter into letting him sleep with every single toy he's ever owned and leave the light on so he could play with them. Today he convinced his babysitter that watching TV for hours would be fun.

He's a scammer.

We took him over to a graduation brunch and he was amazing. Cam played by himself with a bunch of super hero toys that was at the house. He was incredibly social. When he went outside, one adult asked Cam if he'd like to play soccer with her. Cameron responded: "I'd LOVE to!!!" Where does he get this stuff?

He was pretty loopy because he was so out of his schedule this weekend. We also got word a couple of days ago that Cam can eat dairy again. So I had to get him ice cream this weekend. Unfortunately, I decided to buy some an hour before bed time. He got sticky, gooey and started complaining that the ice cream was too cold. So I put it back in the freezer for later. That led to a freak-out fest right before bed. I blame myself. But he got to bed.. Just 40 minutes later than usual.

By the way. The way I get Cam out of a freak out these days: I rock him in my arms and sing "Rock A Bye Baby" until he starts screaming: "I'M A BIG BOY!!!!"


Bad Habit

Cameron has a thing for playing with his toys at the dinner table. We haven't put a stop to it. The latest rule is no big toys are allowed on the table... After too many spilled milks.

It's hard to put a stop to an imagination.

He just tried to put Mr. Incredible in his rice krispies. That's not good. Hmmm.

Earlier today Cameron and his dad sang me happy birthday. It was very sweet. Cameron decided that since it's my birthday, it his as well. So we've been singing happy birthday to each other all day long.


I'm Nice!

Cameron loves me. It's the day before my birthday and he slept in until 8:15am. Then we went downstairs for breakfast.
He asked me for milk with a very nice please... And as I poured the milk he said: "You're so nice to me."

Gosh. Thanks! I feel so good about myself.


Sky time

Cam and I are enjoying the great weather out there.

Yesterday was a really cool day. We ran around in the backyard chasing after monsters. Then I noticed our front yard looked really great with all of the leaves. So Cam asked me to lay on the ground with him and look at the leaves.

We did just that -- looking up at the trees, the sky, clouds and birds. It was so cool. Then we started looking at the colors and talking about those colors in Spanish. Very cool.

By the way, Cameron's turned the back stoop in our backyard into a stage. He stands there and sings. When I clap he starts to bow really low as if he made a performance of a lifetime. Fun to watch.


Sticky mud

Cameron and I are hanging out at the kitchen table right now. Bubba is barking at squirrels in the front yard. I'm surfing the web while Cam plays with morado play-doh. Yes, that's right morado. We're talking spanish colors when we play with play-doh for some reason. Cameron decided his Mr. Incredible toy is stuck in sticky mud (or purple play-doh)

Nevermind. Now Mr. Incredible created a face in the play-doh and now the face is talking to Mr. Incredible. You never know what can come alive in Mr. Cam's eyes.

Cam woke up really early this morning... He needed to go to the bathroom... Then he spent about 45 minutes trying to talk me into coming into his room or letting him sleep with me. In the end, we got into a tickle fest in my bed while daddy got ready for work.

Not a bad morning in our household.


Funny things Cam said

Yesterday we were about to go to a friend's house. I wasn't sure if we knew where to go. So I asked Randy if he knew how to get there.

Cameron responded: "You drive like this:" And he held his hands up like he was holding the steering wheel of the car.

Ahhhh. So that's how you get there. Thanks Cam.


Cameron was in sunday school eating a snack. Randy and I were talking to a parent when I asked Cam if he was ready to go. He said: "No. You keep talking."


Cam doesn't watch as much t.v. as before. I decided to turn it off on our mornings. We play more... We mainly play with Incredibles toys. Anyway. He just looked at a TV and called commercials: "Commershinals"

Azul y Rojo

Cam and I went to the library this past week. I thought he might like to listen into story time. We got there... But he wasn't interested in the story time. He wanted to run around and read as many books on as many different chairs in the kid area.

The best part was when a little boy threw a book on the floor that was all about colors. I told Cam to pick it up and read the book to the little boy. So Cam sat on the floor in front of the little boy and said:

"Hi! I'm Cameron. I'm going to read to you."

He opened the book and said: "Blue. Azul. Red. Rojo."

Those Spanish lessons seem to be working! That's pretty cool.