Belly Flop

It was beach day at Cam's school today. That means he got to put on his bathing suit and play in water. He loves that. He absolutely adores it. So when we were playing in the house this morning, I mentioned to him that it was beach day. Immediately, he decided he had to get to school. He started stripping to put on his bathing suit... But I made him keep the clothes on. He could change at school.

SO... After talking to Randy, the water play was a success. They had a sprinkler and it created a big puddle in his playground. That sounds fine and good... But that puddle was in the shredded up tires in the playground. That's okay... But Cameron and his friend thought it would be fun to jump from a piece of playgound equipment and bellyflop into the water. Not so smart. SO his teachers asked the boys to stop... But Cameron did it one more time in spite (that's his thing these days). When the teacher asked: "Cameron, doesn't that hurt?" Cam looked at her with a smile and said yes.

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