I'm getting scammed

Cameron woke up at 2am announcing he needed to go potty. He didn't really go potty. He wanted to play. I was scammed. It took Randy and I an hour to get him back to bed.

We met with our Parents as Teachers educator today... She says we were scammed.

We're going to have to nip this one in the bud.


Potty time

I think we're actually in the potty zone.

Cameron used it a lot this week. He used the potty a lot in Kentucky. He even used his potty in a gas station rest room in Illinois. (Yes, we traveled with a kid potty)

I'm tired of cleaning up pee.

Cam went to bed an hour late tonight because he wouldn't stop peeing.

Mommy make me sad

On our drive home this weekend, Cameron was a little moody. He ate too much chocolate. (Or as he says: Choc-coh-latt) So before and after his 2 hour nap in the car, he'd periodically start whining.

We'd ask him why he's sad. His reply: "Mommy make me sad." He wouldn't explain why.

He said it so many times, we couldn't help but laugh.

Cam likes to puddle

Every year we visit our good friends in Lexington. Since Cameron was born, we've all grown accustomed to Cameron keeping us awake and making life difficult and exhausting.

This visit, Cam was pretty darn good. He grew out of the pack and play bed. So he slept with us both nights and took a huge nap on his own on Saturday.

The whole time, we talked about cuddles. It was a reward for laying in the bed quietly. But when Cameron wanted to cuddle he'd ask me to "puddle." Yes, Cam likes to puddle.


Mommy happy?

Cameron's paying more attention to emotions. When he does something wrong and I send him to time out, he cries a little, stops and then asks: "Mommy happy?"

I tell him no and that I'm actually mad. That turns Cam into a ball of tears. When he proves himself a changed boy (I usually expect an apology for what he did wrong), I tell him I'm happy. Then he smiles.

We also play a game where he tells me what emotion I should do and we make our faces look mad or sad or happy. You should see Cam's mad face, it's very funny.



Cameron thanked the guys at the grocery check out today: "Thanks guys."

They looked at me like Cameron was some kind of freak for thanking them.

Who says you can be too polite?


What do we do?

So Cam and I have this thing for laying on the ground in our front yard and look up at the leaves. We stare and talk about the colors of the trees. On Friday, I noticed the brown leaves were all gone... The green and yellow are the only ones left. The brown ones fell to the ground.

Cameron looked over to me and said: "What do we do?" (In his astonished toddler way)

I told him we could play with the brown leaves since there were on the ground. That's when I took that sweet black eye shot of him in his firefighter coat.

Today we tried to fly a kite in the backyard. Cameron wouldn't let go of the kite's tail, so we just ran back and forth while Cam yelled: "The kite fly, Mommy! The kite fly! I did it!"


He's got a black eye... but he's still happy. Cam and I spent a lot of time outside this past week playing with leaves and running around pretending we know how to play soccer, baseball and basketball. Posted by Hello


Classic Picture Day

Last night, Cameron got out of the tub too fast.

He got a black eye. It kind of looks like a Nike swoop under his eye.

Today was picture day.

It figures.

Thank you Doctor

Cameron spent almost 3 hours in a doctor's office today while we tried to figure out why he coughs all the time. (Turns out it's a sinus infection and asthma) So after he was poked and prodded, he says to the doctor: "Thank you Doctor."

She was so surprised, she gave him a hug.

By the way, after screaming and crying while we took some x-rays. Cameron gets a hug from me, calms down and asks: "I get more pictures?" Like he had a good time and wanted more.



For some reason, whenever I ask Cameron why he did something, he says: "Because, it's supposed to be."

Here's an example:
Cameron, why didn't you listen to your teacher at school today?

"Because, it's supposed to be."

I asked Cameron that question because Randy says as Cameron walked out of school, Cam told him: "I no listen today."



Go Tigers! Go Defense!

We had a great time going to the big football game today. Cam had a ball. I introduced the idea of defense and offense... And suddenly, Cameron's chanting GO DEFENSE through the house after the game. He's also running around the house in a low football-like stance saying: "I run and run and run like football!"

Cameron got to know many people in the stands, he'd just use their legs to help him stand up or start patting someone nearby just because. The entire crowd near us said goodbye as we left (10 minutes before the end of the game). I'm guessing they were amused by his empassioned yells of "GO TIGERS!!" and "ZOU!"