Sticky mud

Cameron and I are hanging out at the kitchen table right now. Bubba is barking at squirrels in the front yard. I'm surfing the web while Cam plays with morado play-doh. Yes, that's right morado. We're talking spanish colors when we play with play-doh for some reason. Cameron decided his Mr. Incredible toy is stuck in sticky mud (or purple play-doh)

Nevermind. Now Mr. Incredible created a face in the play-doh and now the face is talking to Mr. Incredible. You never know what can come alive in Mr. Cam's eyes.

Cam woke up really early this morning... He needed to go to the bathroom... Then he spent about 45 minutes trying to talk me into coming into his room or letting him sleep with me. In the end, we got into a tickle fest in my bed while daddy got ready for work.

Not a bad morning in our household.

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