He knows

Cameron asked me: "What you got in your belly?"

I asked him a question back: "What do you think is in my belly?"

He said: "A baby?"

I told him he was right.

He stared into the distance for a little while and said: "Take it out."

I told him I couldn't do that right now.

He stared a little while longer, like he was ingesting this information. I don't know what comes next. I put him down for his nap. Maybe I'll buy him a children's book about babies.

We had a great weekend together... We went to a really fun pool with Cam's friends Justin and Lily. We had a dinner picnic with Lily and his Mom in our backyard. Cam got to sing with his choir in front of church. We played with puzzles, we read a lot of books... We took really great naps. We miss Daddy... But we're hanging in there and keeping busy.

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