Great traveller

Cam and the rest of the family went to Kentucky to visit family. It's so obvious that Cam is getting big enough to travel well. We didnt' even let him know we had the DVD player in the trunk as an emergency hush machine. When his Leapster ran out of batteries just 15 minutes into playing, he freaked, but he was pretty quickly convinced to read books. When I told him I couldn't read the books to him... He read those books to himself for a good hour. He colored and made up stories as he drew. He had toys talking to each other... He was making up games. It was awesome. Around dinner time, he made sure we knew he wanted "Old McDonald." (McDonald's for those of us who didn't know)

It was a relatively calm experience. Enjoyable even.

I guess that's why we're going to have another one... It will get dramatically more tricky with Jordan's appearance.

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