Two stories from this week

Cameron is running around the house with Ginny, my cousin's daughter right now. They're so excited to be together. It's very funny.

Anyway. Two stories.

First one happened last night. Randy was watching Cam spin around in circles. Faster and faster. When suddenly Cam says: "I can't keep the pee in." Poor buddy. He ran upstairs to go potty (he was playing in the basement). But he couldn't make it. He made a mess in the bathroom.
Earlier this week, Cam and I were working on a feather for school where you write down things you're thankful for. After he told me he was thankful all of his toys and toys he hopes to own soon... I explained that Thanksgiving was a time to be thankful for family and friends. SO I asked him again... What are you thankful for? He said: "My family, my friends, my teachers and food." I was impressed. When we went to school, I turned the feather in (it's a piece of paper with a feather drawn on it, and you write down the thankful things on it). The teacher says: "Oh! That's what we sing in our Thanksgiving song!"

And I thought he was a genius. He was just reciting a song.

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