The big Cameron and Camryn match up

Cameron and Camryn met face to face in a big Cardinals versus Cubs t-ball game last night. Her mom and I have joked about what a big deal this game was. Actually, it was just cool to hang out.

Cam is getting ready to wrap up his Kindergarten year at school. It's exciting... and a little scary to figure out how I'm going to keep Cam busy before summer school starts. He's looking forward to spending time with me at work. I'm hoping to find ways to keep him from surfing the web the entire time. Exhausting, but I just want him to be happy and not obsess on media like he can when he has a lot of time online. By the way, he looked at me and announced: "Mom, I'm almost a first grader. That means I'm almost really big." Then he told Jordan that she can be big too one day when she goes to first grade. Clearly, he's looking forward to being "big."


Getting active as best we can

I have this newish rule - We have to go outside (the kids and I and Randy if he wants) once a weekend. To help with that "rule," I bought a bike extension for my new bike so Cam could ride on our local bike trails without screaming. So the whole family jumped on board the bikes (Jordan in the bike trailer) and took a really long trek. We ended up at a local park that has a really fun water spray area. To make it even more fun, a pre-school and now elementary school friend was there so they got to enjoy the water together.

Once we talked Cameron out of the water, the whole family went to a nearby restaurant and ate outside. We kind of pushed it... It was almost dark as we rode our bikes as quickly as possible back to the the parking lot where we started. Cam pedaled as hard as he could. It was awesome. The best part was as he and I pedaled down the trail and he said: "I'm the fastest biker ever! I love biking!" I can't wait for him to feel the same way on his own bike! Until then, we finally have the ability to enjoy bikes without feeling like we're bleeding him to get from here to there. HOORAY!!


Class walking field trip

Cameron asked Jordan and I to join his class (and the other three Kindergarten classes) on a walking trip to the little gardens that are nearby. I love it over there and couldn't pass up the chance. Of course I took things up a notch and created a little scrapbook (at Scrapblog) from the pictures I took. Enjoy!

If you can't see it, you're welcome to click here to watch (even in fullscreen)


Cameron's T-ball Interview

Last Friday I had a chance to play with a Flip camera and interview Cameron before his big t-ball game. Here are the things he likes about the game:

And here's an example of Cam's AWESOME ability to hit!

Batter Up! from NerdyMom on Vimeo.


Goodbye training wheels

...and hello a new level of bravery!

Not only did Cam work on riding a bike without training wheels, he also lost his second tooth.




Cam had an exciting but trying day today. We started the morning by clearing out the garage and Cam didn't like the idea of helping. He was much more interested in playing with the stuff we dug out of the garage. But after he got over that and took a good nap, he got to go to the movies with his dad to watch: Speed Racer! Cam couldn't stop talking about it. Randy says the movie was created for six year old boys. I'm kind of glad Jordan and I did something different.

In my opinion, the coolest moment of the day was after I found a turtle hanging out in the middle of the street in front of our house. I brought it over to the kids and Cameron actually WANTED to pick that guy up. He was a little unsure, but he did it. I was so proud. And boy did Cam want to keep that turtle. Instead, the kids and I took him into the woods. Hopefully Speedy (as Cameron named him) will stay in the woods and stay out of the road.


I feel so sneaky

So... In my quest to celebrate Cam's new tooth loss, I snuck into his room with four shiny quarters and took his tooth from under his pillow. I'm not exactly sure what you're supposed to do with a used tooth. I seem to recall I collected a bunch of them in an old pill bottle when I was a kid. Anyway, I snuck in without waking Cam and I knew he'd be excited.

He was SO excited that he had to show off his "one hundred" cents to me at 6am this morning.

Six in the morning.

Ugh. I told him I was SO excited for him except it was six and he needed to go back to bed. I went back to sleep. I'm pretty sure he didn't. I found him reading a stack of Highlights magazines when I went to check on him at seven.


It's out!

I mustered all the courage I could and smiled as I pulled out Cam's first tooth. He giggled and bounced around the house, hitting every mirror he could find to look at the hole in his teeth. We rushed to put that tiny tooth under his pillow for the ill-conceived Tooth Fairy's visit tonight.

It was a pretty exciting morning! Now I have to look around the house for some quarters.

**UPDATE** I found the quarters AND Cam came home with another wiggly tooth! He is so excited about this new sign that he's getting big. Now, just wish me luck as I try to sneak in and plop those quarters under his pillow.


Hi Alltop!

I just posted about my excitement of becoming a part of Alltop Moms on Jordan's blog. But I just wanted to say hi to anyone who comes to visit here as well. I'm honored to be tapped as a mom blogger (thanks Coffman).

In Cam updates - the wiggly tooth is still outrageously wiggly. He offered me a chance to pull it out yesterday and I quietly got sick to my stomach when I tried to help. GROSS. I don't know how I'm going to get past this one. So far, he has no clue how freaked out I am about wiggly teeth. I'm hoping to keep it from him so he can grow to be a brave wiggly tooth kid. I'd hate for my fear to spread to him (he has enough fears thankyouverymuch).


Cam's team

We had the official little league season kick off today. That included the official team photo (here is a non-official but similar looking photo)

And here's the kids being goofy:

I don't know how it happened. But I went to today's big t-ball event without any CAMERAS! I don't know how that happened. Luckily I had my phone. It's good to have back up.


BIG news

Mr. Cam has big news everyone.


Cameron has a wiggly tooth. And he doesn't really know what to do about it. He was SO excited to tell me about his big tooth news after the middle of his first inning at t-ball. He spent the rest of his time on and off the field wiggling the tooth. It's a really big deal.

Now I'm going to be honest.

I'm putting on a very brave face about this tooth thing. First, I think it's crazy that we're going to have to create another fake character just to fit in with our culture: the Tooth Fairy. It's stupid but Randy doesn't want Cam to become "that kid." So we'll do the Tooth Fairy. Also, since I'm being honest... I am totally grossed out by loose teeth. I'm acting all cool about it but every time I see a wiggly tooth, I feel weak. I've offered to help him get his tooth out. I'll be brave. But I'm totally pretending. Inside my head, I'll be screaming.

As for his big game... Cam did great. The team did great. We're really starting to figure out how help prep a team for the season. It's very exciting to watch these kids having fun. Some of the highlights: He got to run all of the bases each time he was at bat. He actually paid attention when he was out in the field - sometimes. He paid SO much attention that he actually TAGGED A KID OUT!! (see the picture to the right - that's his reaction right after it happened) We were very proud and excited. There was no crying, just smiles and a bit of unfocus. And I'm totally okay with that.