Daddy, Are Those Horses?

Cameron was walking by the TV where Dad was watching all of the day's football games... He saw the Denver Bronco's logo and asked his dad if the team was The Horses. Broncos, horses... Same thing in Cam's world.

We've had a weekend full of picnics... Or as Cam likes to call them: pick-a-nicks.

On our way to one of the picnics, we saw some neighbors who told us the kids around here are planning another Halloween party for the little ones in the neighborhood. So Cam was invited. He had to ask permission to go as Dash from The Incredibles: "Please I be Dash?" Randy says it's because Cam wants to be sure everyone is okay with his Halloween plans. (I really have to start looking for a red sweatsuit for that costume)

Anyway, we went to a nearby waterfountain to eat a snack... And then to a nearby garden where we stopped at many different locations to enjoy crackers and the leftover peanutbutter sandwhich from lunch. Today we enjoyed our backyard picnic with crackers and mosquitoes. Man, those bugs are mean.

Cam was talking to his Aunt Tisha about the new fence in his backyard -- And he told her it was a place for Jordan and he and the dogs to play. It was kind of cool to see Cam include Jordan in casual conversations.

Right now Cam is building cities out of blocks on the kitchen table... And everytime he finishes, he announces: "It's for you!!!" He tells me it's Jennifer City. Then he knocks it down and builds it again in a different way.

Stuff You Probably Didn't Want To Know

I just wanted to mention that this past few days Cam has battled an intestinal bug... And I'm only mentioning this because it's the first really gross health problem we've needed to deal with since we've been fully potty trained.

I know I constantly promise not to talk too much about potty stuff... But I'll just say this: The boy was so good about waking up in the middle of the night when he needed to go... Not a single accident in bed.

We're very proud. And really happy to have this health problem WITHOUT diapers. It's so much easier!


Hi Mommy!!

I had yoga class tonight so I didn't get to hang out with Cameron tonight. I talked to him on the phone and told him I would give him a hug in his bedroom when I get home. I guess that was a bad decision since the moment I opened the door into the house tonight, I heard him pop out of bed and run to the top of the stairs:

"Hi Mommy!"

He acted like we hadn't seen each other in a month. I got a huge hug. It was so sweet.

I talked him into going to the potty one more time and he asked me to carry him back to bed and give him scratches -- That's what I do when I wake him up in the middle of the night for an accident-proof potty visit. He doesn't have accidents in the morning if he has that middle-of-the-night pee break.

I gave him scratches and tucked him into bed... And then he attempted to stall his sleeping as long as he could -- Including if he could sleep in the bed with Mommy and Daddy... "You're bed is big!" Good argument kid. You're still not sleeping with us.


Toothbrush talk

Cameron's wanted to talk about toothbrushes a lot lately. Last weekend, we went to the store to buy items for health kits to help the many people who lost their homes along the Gulf Coast. Since then, he talks about people who have wet home... And their toothbrushes are dirty. I keep reminding him that's why we bought toothbrushes to help people who needed them.

Cam's even offered to let people move into our house, because it's dry. I think it's wonderful he wants to talk about the hurricane disaster and seems to understand some of the ways we can help.

He's a sweet guy.

Today he asked to write his name. He wanted paper and a pen to write. It's the first time I've ever seen him interested in focusing on writing. He was learning how to write the letter 'C' this week at school. He's getting good at it... But he's writing it the wrong way. It's cool to see him interested in that.

Oh, here's another story. Last night we shared a babysitter with a friend of ours. Her daughter got to stay here and play with Cam. They're good friends even though she's in Kindergarten and Cam's just starting pre-school. It's pretty cool. The babysitter put Cam to bed and he pulled his regular scams. But she was pretty sure he'd gone to bed when 2 hours later Cam tells her he can't read one of his books. She took him back upstairs to find a pile of books on the side of his bed. Apparently, he'd been going through a bunch of his books and "reading" them instead of sleeping. He's going to be a book sneaker just like his mom: I used to read books under my sheets with a flashlight and then pretend to be sleeping when my parents came into the room.