Fun with Aunt Jan and Uncle Chuck

So Cameron's had the chance to hang out with his Aunt Jan and Uncle Chuck in the last two days. He has been a fantastic show off... But showed how he can play intently with a simple toy from McDonald's and eat a huge grilled cheese while jamming to jazz music at a restaurant.

He's finally getting good at going back to sleep after I've been out of town so much.

We did learn something the hard way this past weekend. Randy and Cam drove down to the Lake of the Ozarks to pick me up after a conference and then we went shopping for all of Cam's winter and fall clothes. Unfortunately... Cameron saw a ton of toys he NEEDED. So it wasn't very pleasant. But Cam scored a ton of clothes and Mommy was very good and didn't buy any baby clothes. We don't need any little stuff... It's amazing how much yellow, white and green stuff I have from when Cam was little. That's the benefits of not knowing what brand baby you're going to have when he or she arrives.

Cameron's gotten really into asking us to tell him stories... Mostly about Disney movies and fables. It's so funny when you hear him ask: "Mommy, please you tell me the story about _________." My favorite story to tell? I don't know yet. I think Little Mermaid is my favorite so far.

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