Big day

Cameron started pre-school today. He was pretty excited and proud that he slept through the night dry... (I did wake him up in the middle of the night for a quick bathroom break).
So as we turned into school, Cam got really upset. He thought his new pre-school would be in a new building. But it was just in a new room. After I challenged Cam to a race to the front door of school, he gave up his anger and shock.

Instead of driving home like I normally do after dropping Cam off, I actually turned left and headed to work. I am officially a normal working person. Okay, probably not normal, but I started working a day shift today. 9 to 6... And I'm trilled. I actually got home in time to sit down for dinner with Randy and Cam. It was wonderful.

I got to give Cam a bath and put him to bed. Very cool.

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