All kinds of stories

There's all kinds of funny stories to tell about Cameron these days.

On the 24th, I took Cam to his first play. It was called: "5 Frogs and a Prince." Cameron was so engages and into the show. He loved the story. He'll tell you about how the prince was turned into a frog (his dad asked a fairy to save his son from drowning, so she turned him into a frog). He has a harder time discussing how the frog went back to becoming a prince (a princess kissed him). He keeps asking me if he can go back and see the 5 frogs and a prince again... He doesn't seem to understand that once a play is over, you can't see it again.

The next day (and the many days after that), Cameron has needed to talk to women carrying babies. He asks: "Did the baby come out of your belly?" She says yes... And at least a couple of time he's replied: "Oh yeah. I knew that."

This morning, Cameron told me he drank too much milk and he "hurt the baby in my belly." His stomach felt full... But he had to remind me of the baby. Yesterday, Cameron told me he had his baby sister in his belly and I had his baby brother in my belly.

Ahh. The mind of a three year old.

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Jaden said...

Hi, Jen,
My 3 year old fell out of her big girl bed last night, too! I heard the thump and went in and she was just sleeping on the floor! I guess she didn't even wake up when she fell!
Congrats on the new baby coming. I haven't the guts to start over yet! This one is just almost potty trained and you are right, it feels crazy to start over when the first one is doing so much for themselves! * Jaden