I laugh at Halloween

So we survived Halloween. I skipped out of work to take part in Cameron's class party and school celebration for Halloween. The kids were so great. It was also fun to just hang out and talk to the parents. I'm finally starting to feel like I'm a part of the class -- the kids know my kid, I know the kids and I'm starting to really know the parents.

Anyway. After Cam's party, we ran over to the newsroom to pick up all my stuff (for some reason, I had convinced myself that Cam and I could leave his party early so I could get back to work).

We ran home to eat dinner with Daddy and a former student who was in town. Then we decided to split up the Halloween responsibilities. I took Cam out trick or treating in the neighborhood while Randy stuck around talking to our former student (and friend) and he got to hand out the candy. Cameron wouldn't let me go near the door of each house where he trick or treated. He was very good at saying Trick or Treat! and Thank you! Sometimes he was willing to drop the bucket of candy (which got pretty heavy by the end of our time out there) and strike a Mr. Incredible pose. Very funny.

I'll get more pictures soon. I think the coolest part of the night was how we got to light up our real pumpkins. That just looks cool. Now I remember why carving those suckers are worth the effort.

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Brett said...

Great Pics,
Sounds like and awesome day...enjoy them all.