What a trip

Cameron and his Daddy got home yesterday from our big vacation in Florida.

We were delayed for many hours in Chicago as a snow storm roared. As we waited for them to finally tell us we could board the plane, Cameron decided to play plane. He asked me to sit on the floor with him. He pretended to buckle up and made sure I buckle up. He put his arms in the air and announced we were flying and then he bounced a little and announced we landed. Then he took his seatbelt off and said: "We in the new airport!"

I looked up and realized the entire gate was watching our performance. It was so cool.

I had to leave town again for a conference. Randy said when they finally got home, Cameron told him: "We had a great trip."

That is also very cool.


God bless....

Cameron had a rough time going to bed tonight.

According to Randy, he really wanted a drink of water or milk... But it was bed time and he had to deal.

So here was his first four items in his prayer:

Bless water... and drinking... and milk... and drinking

He's good.


I'm not done "prayering"

Cameron's found a great way to stall going to bed at night: His prayers.

Cam's prayer went a record 12 minutes last night. He prayed for everything from his parents and grandparents to his Uncle's girlfriend, his mac and cheese, the door, the window and the other window, the paint on the walls, the Tigers , the football team, his bed, pillow, books (and he named some titles), Kodah (his stuffed bear), his pajamas, The Wiggles, The VeggieTales (he called it BeggieTales), Little Mermaid, Beast and Beauty, Buzz Lightyear... The list just kept going. Everytime I tried to tell him "Amen," he'd say: "Wait, wait, I'm not done prayering."

He finally went to bed... But not for long. He had a rough night thanks to his latest ear and sinus infection. Poor kid.

We're hoping to figure out his latest ills... We're working with a specialist and hope to help Cam live a more comfortable life soon.


Oh that is really gross

I promised not to talk potty talk much.

But Cameron is officially in the regression phase.

He's never had this many poop mistakes and I think tonight's won the prize for the worst.

I won't give a ton of details. But Randy tells me he was doing okay with the clean up when he was helping clean Cam... He kind of detatched himself cleaning someone else up. But when Cam sat on Randy's arm... That's when he started losing it.

That is really gross.


Holiday's over

I forgot to mention -- Last weekend Cameron noticed I was slowly putting some of the decorations away. That's when he looked at me and said: "Holiday's over Mommy."

He seemed okay with it all.

Imagination takes a turn

So Randy got an iPod for Christmas and he was really obsessed with finding all of our CD's in the boxes we haven't unpacked since we moved. So he opened up a box that was half CD's and half VHS tapes. Those tapes include all of my Disney movies that we've never watched with Cam because we don't use a VHS player anymore.

Cam decided the VHS tape boxes are toys... Pictures of stories he can pretend with. Last night I called him from work when Cam told me he was playing Princess (I have Beauty and the Beast and other pretty girly movies from Disney). He was making up stories with the boxes as if they're toys because the poor kid has never seen a VHS tape box before.

So as he went to bed with Randy last night, he announced: "I'm a princess." Randy replied, "No, you're a prince." "I'm a princess." "No, you're a pince." "NO, I'm a princess." "You can't be a princess, Mommy's a princess." Cameron replied: "Oh."

That was the end of the conversation.

Until this morning. He decided he's a princess and started getting upset when I said I'm a princess and he's a prince. So I dropped it... Why not let the boy pretend what he wants to pretend. But then he announced I'm the Beast and he's Beauty. I tried not to feel insulted. I think we need to return to Buzz Lightyear and run around the house yelling.


Happy New Year!

Cameron likes to yell that at the top of his voice... It could be the sugar. He's had a lot of it during the holidays.

We've been busy with family and I haven't posted much lately... But I'll say we've had some very funny moments with Cam lately.

He's a little obsessed with who gave him what toy. He sits down and starts playing with something and he'll state plainly: "Grandma bought this for me." He is right about who bought the item almost every time. It's a little creepy.

Cam's also taken imagination to a higher level... He's Dash from the Incredibles, then seconds later he's Buzz Lightyear, when suddenly he's Woody. He likes to walk up to me and say: "Who are you?" I say, "I don't know, who am I?" And Cameron chooses a partner to the character he is at the moment. If he's Dash, I'm Mr. Incredible. If he's Buzz, I'm Woody. If he's Woody, I'm Buzz or Bullseye (Woody's horse).

Randy's parents found a pretty big rocking horse that's suspended by springs... Cam got to play with it over Christmas with his new cowboy hat. He called it Bullseye and had a ball. When we got home, we reminded him that he has Bulleye here with his smaller wooden rocking horse. Cameron called it: "Little Bullseye"

Happy New Year to everyone... I hope you have many reasons to smile.