I'm playing with new technologies

I know this is not a surprise since I'm a nerd.

But I have set up an account on Flickr... It's a photo website that I started playing with in August, but just found a little time to play with it. You can see some of Cameron's recent adventures (which by the way, he pronounces: E-ventures) by visiting The Reeves Kids Flickr Site.
You'll probably have to sign up as a member to see the shots. I'm not sure.

Have fun.


Holiday season is alive

Since I keep getting larger and more uncomfortable by the day, we decided to use the weekend after Thanksgiving as a time to decorate for Christmas. On Saturday we set up the tree, put lights up in the front and backyard (white lights in front, colorful pepper lights in the back). We talked about why Christmas is important. After Cam talked about Santa, he asked when Jesus would come for a visit. I told him that his spirit is in our heart and we're celebrating his birthday. Hopefully that made sense to him.

Today we put the ornaments up on the tree. Cameron did a pretty good job putting ornaments up on his own. We also did a project to create presents for the family.

I figure, the more we do for the holidays early, the less work I'll have to do when all I want to do is sit and make a baby.

Funny moment I almost forgot

So Cameron was hanging out in the newsroom on Thanksgiving. I was printing the 6pm newscast scripts when one of the printers was acting up (not unusual in the newsroom). Anyway. Cameron walks up and says: "Do you have a paper jam?" I said that we could have a paper jam. He goes: "Where's the easy button?"

The director of the show looks up at me and says: "Did he really just say that?"

Yes he did.

I think the boy is around too much TV. We play often in the basement while Dad watches sports. Clearly Office Depot advertises often during the football games.


A day at home

I finally had to take a day off from work thanks to my nasty cold. So Cam and I have spent the day together. I was cleaning a little junk off our TV to help make way for our new Tivo when I discovered two checks from Cameron's birthday. That's right. Two checks from Cameron's birthday in April. That is so wrong. I'm a terrible Mom.

I know I've bought him cool toys and games that would include that money. But now I feel bad cashing a check that is THAT old.

Anyway. Cam took a good nap, and so did I. That helped me catch up on sleep I lost last night. Now he's playing with shapes from a shape puzzle book. He's been really into building and creating things with his toys. It's very cool to watch him in this creating phase. He's still not into drawing or learning how to write his name (which all the girls are really into at school). But it's great to see where he likes to put his imagination.

BTW... You know we're really parents after Randy made the ultimate sacrifice today. During a break from work, he trekked to Wal-Mart to buy some Leapfrog books for Cameron. 7 dollars each... I really wanted to take advantage of that deal. Randy was willing to sacrifice the insanity to get something for the boy. What a Daddy.


Too much pepper

Cameron and many family members gathered over the weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving since we have to work on the actual holiday. I cooked my first Turkey and didn't screw it up.

Randy cooked the mashed potatoes and dressing... Both had way too much flavor for Cameron. So he's been walking around saying: "Daddy put too much pepper in the dressing." We're going to eat another batch for a newsroom Thanksgiving meal, we'll see if Cam likes that version better.

I also got Cam to pose for his Christmas card picture this week... After doing a little computer work on it, I think it will work. I ordered a few more things for the holidays. That means I'm just a few gifts away from wrapping up holiday shopping. That's a good thing -- Since I'm going the cash-only route this year to save money.

Cam and I are building space guns with mega blocks (larger version of Legos) and we're watching the Thanksgiving parade. He's really into the balloons.

After Cam's nap, we're headed to the newsroom to eat holiday food and I'll produce the 6pm newscast. Fun.


Fun weekend for Cam

My cousin Christie brought her daugher Ginny to our house to have fun for the weekend. They drove 12 hours to get here... So we were very lucky for their visit. Cam and Ginny played as if they were friends for years. It was very cool.

Cameron and Ginny were very busy -- On Saturday, they went to the Mizzou football game. It was Ginny's first football game... And it rained, so the kids weren't on their best behavior (not to mention, the game started smack in the middle of nap time). But it was fun. We also went to a free movie earlier that day and went out to dinner that night. By the way, the second picture is of Ginny and Cam growling like Tigers in the stands -- Just like the Missouri Tigers. On Sunday, we went to a baby shower for me and three other co-workers. (Acutally, one woman was a co-worker's wife) The kids played and played and played. Christie made us an awesome dinner last night -- But Cam was sleep deprived (the baby shower was smack in the middle of nap time as well) and he was not willing to try a bite. That ended with crying and screaming. Not a very pleasant eating environment. But the food was good!

Cam woke up looking for Ginny... She and her mom left really early this morning to get home. I heard them getting ready to leave... But I didn't have the energy to get out of bed and give them one more hug. We can't wait to see them again sometime soon. First, Mommy has to bring our next family member into the world!

(by the way... this was my 100th post on this blog. that's a lot of talk about a kid)


Two stories from this week

Cameron is running around the house with Ginny, my cousin's daughter right now. They're so excited to be together. It's very funny.

Anyway. Two stories.

First one happened last night. Randy was watching Cam spin around in circles. Faster and faster. When suddenly Cam says: "I can't keep the pee in." Poor buddy. He ran upstairs to go potty (he was playing in the basement). But he couldn't make it. He made a mess in the bathroom.
Earlier this week, Cam and I were working on a feather for school where you write down things you're thankful for. After he told me he was thankful all of his toys and toys he hopes to own soon... I explained that Thanksgiving was a time to be thankful for family and friends. SO I asked him again... What are you thankful for? He said: "My family, my friends, my teachers and food." I was impressed. When we went to school, I turned the feather in (it's a piece of paper with a feather drawn on it, and you write down the thankful things on it). The teacher says: "Oh! That's what we sing in our Thanksgiving song!"

And I thought he was a genius. He was just reciting a song.


Where is your belly button?

Cam and I were talking this morning when he took a peek at my big baby belly... When he was shocked to notice I didn't have a belly button.

I told him I'd get it back when the baby is born.

He lifted his shirt up and said: "I don't have a baby in my belly... So I have a belly button."

I think reality finally set in... He now knows boys can't have babies in their bellies. I kind of enjoyed the earlier months when he told me and everyone that he had his baby brother in his belly and I had his baby sister.

I guess all good things must come to an end.


Leaves, leaves... Everywhere!

It's that time of the year when all of the trees are giving up their colors and sharing them with the grass.

That gives Cam and I the chance to play in the most simple of ways -- running, jumping and throwing leaves.

This past weekend, I raked up a big pile of leaves for Cam to play in. I took a ton of pictures. I'm including a couple of my favorites.

This morning, he and I grabbed our jackets to play out in the leaves before he had to go to school. There was some serious wind whipping through the night, so the front yard is blanketed with leaves. (Even though Randy worked so hard last weekend to clear away the leaves... You'd never know he did that if you look at the yard now!) We picked out our favorite leaves... Cam played with a stuffed animal in the piles. We ran (okay, I waddled) through the leaves -- kicking them up and chasing each other. It was nice. It's exactly why Fall is such a fun season.


Good boy again!

Seven straight school days... That's right folks... That's seven days with two weekends in the middle where the boy hasn't been sent home with a note saying he hurt a "friend."

It's a miracle.

Maybe we've finally moved past this "violent" phase.

(sigh of relief)


Camryn D_____ isn't here today

So, Cameron and his dad were walking out of school today when a little girl named Suzanne asked Cam for a hug before he left. They had their hug... And as they walked away from each other, Randy heard Suzanne say: "Camryn D_____ isn't here today."

Camryn is Cam's "girlfriend" who goes to school with him on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Since today is Wednesday, apparently Suzanne decided Cam was fair play.

These are 3 and 4 year olds. Don't you think that kind of behavior is a little strange... And amazing. Suzanne actually notices how Cameron and Camryn interact with each other.