Imagination takes a turn

So Randy got an iPod for Christmas and he was really obsessed with finding all of our CD's in the boxes we haven't unpacked since we moved. So he opened up a box that was half CD's and half VHS tapes. Those tapes include all of my Disney movies that we've never watched with Cam because we don't use a VHS player anymore.

Cam decided the VHS tape boxes are toys... Pictures of stories he can pretend with. Last night I called him from work when Cam told me he was playing Princess (I have Beauty and the Beast and other pretty girly movies from Disney). He was making up stories with the boxes as if they're toys because the poor kid has never seen a VHS tape box before.

So as he went to bed with Randy last night, he announced: "I'm a princess." Randy replied, "No, you're a prince." "I'm a princess." "No, you're a pince." "NO, I'm a princess." "You can't be a princess, Mommy's a princess." Cameron replied: "Oh."

That was the end of the conversation.

Until this morning. He decided he's a princess and started getting upset when I said I'm a princess and he's a prince. So I dropped it... Why not let the boy pretend what he wants to pretend. But then he announced I'm the Beast and he's Beauty. I tried not to feel insulted. I think we need to return to Buzz Lightyear and run around the house yelling.

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