Challenges of a 3 year old

So Cameron is in this non-stop whiny phase. We've been here before. I usually assume he's sick or over tired or something. It's just aggravating and tough to dig out once it starts. We know that time out doesn't work... But we want him to go away when he's so annoying. Yesterday I held him after time out, talked to him about how difficult it is to communicate through whines and cries. I was sure we worked past it and he started up again. Eventually, we started playing fireman and he got past it. And shockingly, a trip to the grocery store cleared up the problem. Most kids go nuts at the grocery store. My kid calms down. Mainly to get that promised cookie.

But hey, whatever works.

Cam got to go to his Uncle Barry's house this weekend. We went to the zoo along with the Overby's... Including Shelbe! He really likes her. And even though they're three years apart, they play really well. It was fun to watch and not have to hover over them. It's really nice to have Cam at an age where he can play and I don't have to worry every second if he'll kill himself. He did draw crayon on a glass table. That was bad, but he didn't do too much damage when we weren't looking.

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