Leaves, leaves... Everywhere!

It's that time of the year when all of the trees are giving up their colors and sharing them with the grass.

That gives Cam and I the chance to play in the most simple of ways -- running, jumping and throwing leaves.

This past weekend, I raked up a big pile of leaves for Cam to play in. I took a ton of pictures. I'm including a couple of my favorites.

This morning, he and I grabbed our jackets to play out in the leaves before he had to go to school. There was some serious wind whipping through the night, so the front yard is blanketed with leaves. (Even though Randy worked so hard last weekend to clear away the leaves... You'd never know he did that if you look at the yard now!) We picked out our favorite leaves... Cam played with a stuffed animal in the piles. We ran (okay, I waddled) through the leaves -- kicking them up and chasing each other. It was nice. It's exactly why Fall is such a fun season.

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