A day at home

I finally had to take a day off from work thanks to my nasty cold. So Cam and I have spent the day together. I was cleaning a little junk off our TV to help make way for our new Tivo when I discovered two checks from Cameron's birthday. That's right. Two checks from Cameron's birthday in April. That is so wrong. I'm a terrible Mom.

I know I've bought him cool toys and games that would include that money. But now I feel bad cashing a check that is THAT old.

Anyway. Cam took a good nap, and so did I. That helped me catch up on sleep I lost last night. Now he's playing with shapes from a shape puzzle book. He's been really into building and creating things with his toys. It's very cool to watch him in this creating phase. He's still not into drawing or learning how to write his name (which all the girls are really into at school). But it's great to see where he likes to put his imagination.

BTW... You know we're really parents after Randy made the ultimate sacrifice today. During a break from work, he trekked to Wal-Mart to buy some Leapfrog books for Cameron. 7 dollars each... I really wanted to take advantage of that deal. Randy was willing to sacrifice the insanity to get something for the boy. What a Daddy.

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