Too much pepper

Cameron and many family members gathered over the weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving since we have to work on the actual holiday. I cooked my first Turkey and didn't screw it up.

Randy cooked the mashed potatoes and dressing... Both had way too much flavor for Cameron. So he's been walking around saying: "Daddy put too much pepper in the dressing." We're going to eat another batch for a newsroom Thanksgiving meal, we'll see if Cam likes that version better.

I also got Cam to pose for his Christmas card picture this week... After doing a little computer work on it, I think it will work. I ordered a few more things for the holidays. That means I'm just a few gifts away from wrapping up holiday shopping. That's a good thing -- Since I'm going the cash-only route this year to save money.

Cam and I are building space guns with mega blocks (larger version of Legos) and we're watching the Thanksgiving parade. He's really into the balloons.

After Cam's nap, we're headed to the newsroom to eat holiday food and I'll produce the 6pm newscast. Fun.

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