What a pose

So... I was downloading pictures from the last month or two... And I came upon this shot of the boy trying to look tough. It's kind of GQ, kind of Dash from The Incredibles (Which is who he was pretending to be in this picture).

Cam had another accident last night. We can't figure out how to put an end to this 5-6 am wake-up annoyance. I'm almost ready to have him clean it all up himself... It took me forever to get back to sleep. And once I did, it was really hard to wake up. And no one wants to be around a cranky pregnant mommy.

Anyway. Cam was really excited to go to school today to show off his new shirt (with arms that were too long!!). And he was extra excited to wear his fireman jacket because of the cool and wet weather outside. It's always the simple things that makes him so happy.

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