Working on our safety

So... Cameron is really pushing his limits and having a hard time controlling his temper. I talked to his teacher today and she says she's having the same problem. When Cam gets upset, he loses control of his temper and his extremities. He starts swinging in anger... Not thinking about what he's doing. We don't think he's hitting with purpose, he's hitting in anger without any premeditation. So his teachers are working on teaching Cameron ways to "keep his friends safe." Cameron became his teacher's "safe buddy." Cameron held her hand all through playground time while they worked on using their hands safely together. It's an interesting idea and I plan to use it at home as well.

So wish us luck. We're going through a challenging phase. And I think I know why. A week or two ago, I thought to myself abouut how great things have been with Cam when I compared the challenges we dealt with last year with all of his health problems. These challenges are different... I can understand why Cam is angry. Last year he was flipping out for no reason.

I have a couple of ideas why Cam is acting a little loopy. We've been so into the "big boy" transition. Here's just some of the things he's transitioned into in the last 6 months:
Big boy bed
Big boy underpants (okay that was about 9 months ago)
Pull-up free nights
Big boy chair in the kitchen (the toddler chair is gone to make room for a high chair)
Seat belts in the car (with a booster chair)
Pregnant mommy (and the belly is getting bigger)
Pre-school started two days ago

Heck, I even took the little toddler seat cover out of his bathroom... He balances on the toilet seat without it, so why keep it around.

It could be very possible that he's stressing out over all of these changes. I can totally understand that. I just have to figure out how to help him through this tough time.

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