Cooped up

We had two snow days followed by a three day weekend. (Well, tomorrow makes his third day) That's five days out of being out of sort and stuck in the house.

Cam is stir crazy and driving us crazy. I love him. But geez! Can I get a moment where I can just sit down and focus?

Anyway. Cam is on a quest to clean the house up so he can go on a special adventure. I'm thinking the local hamster run for kids is the right spot for him to run off his extra energy. I'm not a huge fan of the place, but I figure it's safe, it's fun for him and they have wireless so I can do work over there if I want.


Proof I'm getting Old

"Mom! There's a song that's called 'Welcome to the Jungle!' Have you heard it?"

"Uh Yeah." (And here's where you know the times are changing) "Honey, do you have that in your iTunes?"

Next reason why I'm getting old:
I started telling a story to a student that had happened seven years ago. Seven.




Cam is feeling better but I'm guessing he's getting a little stir crazy. He hasn't left the house since Thursday. The cough is improving and he's been wrestling with his dad. He just got tackled by Randy... And Cameron yelled out:


He meant "UNCLE!" to get his dad off of him.

I guess you had to be there. It was really funny.

Cam kept trying to play with Jordan today.. But it was things that weren't quite age appropriate. Like puzzles or books that can be easily ripped. Right before bed they started playing with Jordan's Aquadoodle. It's an awesome toy. All you need is water and there's enough room for both kids to draw. It's so cool. They both are pretty supportive of each other when they aren't trying to bargain for attention.


My poor little valentine

My sweet Cam had a rough day. He woke up coughing and was having a hard day getting his day started. But he REALLY wanted to go to school for his Valentine's Day party. I kept asking him if he wanted to stay home. He decided he just had to go. That was okay until I got a call about four hours later saying that he threw up on the playground.

Poor buddy.

So his Dad took him home for the day. He got to take home all of his valentines and the treats that came with it all. Randy made sure Cam took it easy and gave him toast and water for lunch. When I got home, I started cooking dinner and asked Cam if he was up for the meal. Cam told me that his dad told him that he was going to have to eat toast. So I made him toast. I figured he must still be feeling a little queasy.

I was wrong.

When I took my poor, congested son up to bed, I noticed sugar all over his sheets and quilt. And there were little tiny pieces of hardened sugar. I look at Cam and ask if he's been eating cookies in his bed. He looks at me in shock: "NO!" It turns out it was Nerds. You know, those tiny chunks of sugar that I thought were AMAZING when Willy Wonka came out with them.

Apparently Cam snuck up to his room this afternoon with a box of valentine's candy and chowed down. And he left a sugary mess behind.

Silly boy.

So, we changed the sheets and talked about ways to properly eat candy (i.e. NOT in bed).

He's not feeling great, but at least his tummy is fine.


I love this kid

You know what's really exciting about this year's Mommy-made valentine? This is the first year Cameron can really read it all by himself. That's pretty special.


Wii fun for Kindergarteners

Cameron and his very good friend got to hang out today -- They haven't seen each other much since they started Kindergarten at different schools. But I tell you, the Wii brings kids together. They had a blast competing in sports and Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz. It's really fun to see Cam play with another kid his age without falling out and crying when he loses something. He won a bunch of stuff too... So that helped.

Unfortunately, Cam's excitement kept him from maintaining his self control for the rest of the night. The screaming and tantrums returned. But I know he's going to figure out that it doesn't work. Some day he will realize that crying won't keep us from turning off the Wii, or making him eat dinner. or telling him to go to bed, or telling him to clean up... or... whatever you can think of. Someday... Some day he will realize that crying doesn't work.

Some day.

Tonight he told me another chapter of Boo and Chowder -- It was all about the two going to a Foo Fighters concert. He was watching the Grammys before bedtime... And he was mad that we wouldn't let him stay up to watch the Foo Fighters perform.


Boo and Chowder

This week, Cameron has been making up a chapter book in his head. Instead of reading something during bed time, he tells me a chapter about the adventures of "Boo and Chowder." Boo is a monster and Chowder is his friend who is a boy. The chapters include quotes like:

"I don't want to scare you. I want to be your friend," Boo said.

"I guess I could be your friend," said Chowder.

It's classic. If I could secretly bring in an audio recorder, I'd try to keep track of this story. It's very cute. I'm also impressed with the complexity of his story so far.

Cameron has been extra emotional around me lately. He wants to play with me... He doesn't want to be alone... He has returned to crying over his food at dinner time. He wines and cries over stupid stuff. Oy. I'm sure there's a correlation between that and how I've been working more than usual.


So many things

There have been so many things going on in Cam's world... But I've been a bad blogging mommy who has worked too much and blogged too little.

Mr. Cam continues to research caves at school. He's still working on his social skills there... And that's putting it mildly.

He's becoming an amazing pro in tennis and bowling on the Wii. He's also starting to consistently hit home runs in baseball. He is fiercely competitive and his Dad has been forcing him to play against us so Cam can deal with losing every once and a while.

In between brilliant conversation and excellent reading and writing skills, Cam still thinks he can cry to get his way. It is exhausting.

I'll tell you this though -- He loves his parents. I found the sweetest page he wrote in school: "I love my mom and dad. They are my best frens" (You know, that's Kindergarten spelling for friends)