So this is the start of Halloween?

We had a rough day today. Things were going well until Cam woke up in the middle of his nap and did something that's so disgusting... It's not worth going into the details.

After interrogating the boy for at least an hour, we couldn't get an answer from him -- And now we wonder if he even knows what happened.

So we went to our neighborhood Halloween party... And Cam got to see his new Mr. Incredible costume for the first time. He planned on being Dash for most of the months leading up to Halloween. On Thursday, he decided he'd rather be Mr. Incredible. The good news: Dash and Mr. Incredible wear the same outfit.

He was good at the party and made friends with a couple of 5 year old little girls from the neighborhood.

The last thing he said to me before he went to bed tonight: "I love my supersuit Mommy."

Let's pray for a good night. I could really use it.

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