Where is the baby coming out?

Yeah. Cameron is starting ask very specific questions about the female body and how Jordan will arrive. Yesterday he learned the fact that I don't have a penis. Yeah. He asked, I told him I don't have one and that girls don't have one. He's been begging for me to show him. And I wouldn't dare. So we're in the middle of some very challenging questions for a Mommy and her 3 year old.

I'm hoping he moves past this phase. I'm thinking the actual arrival of Jordan will be the only way to really clear Cam's mind about this topic. Yikes!


Singing tunes and playing the piano

There's this new show on Disney... Maybe it isn't new. But we discovered it recently. It's called Little Einsteins. We TiVo it every day so Cam can watch it when he gets home. It's based on a classical song... just a piece of it and a piece of art... and the characters have an adventure of some sort. Cameron really picks up on the songs and he's learning words like allegro and staccato.

Pretty cool.

By the way... Cameron is moving into this phase where he thinks he can ignore us. It leads to some ugly scenarios. He also doesn't like it when I laugh around him. He says: "Don't laugh at me. I don't like that." And then he hides. He's also tried to totally screw up our sleep in the last couple of weeks. He gets out of bed, says he's scared, asks to sleep with us and cuddle... It's not like we've allowed him to sleep with us EVER. But we've let him jump in a little before the time when we wake up (or I wake up)... I started it when I was exhausted in the first trimester of pregnancy. But for some reason, he's tried to take it beyond that. I can't. I won't. And we're all tired.

So the addition of Cam's wake ups, my pregnant wake ups... and I'm a little closer to feeling the reality of when Jordan gets here. Sleep will be really screwed up then.


...And movies

Cameron finally got a chance to see Santa over the weekend. He was very focused during his time with Santa and told him all the things he wants: two movies and a Buzz Lightyear rocket. Very cute.

So tonight Randy was helping Cameron go back to bed after his latest excuse as to why he wasn't in bed. I always sing a lullaby -- it's sweet and I never change the way I sing it. But Randy sings a lullaby with a different song to it. Tonight he sang something about being good so Santa can bring him toys. And Cam chimed in with a tune and added: "...And movies!"

That boy just doesn't forget what he wants.


Giggle crack

You know, watching Cam watch "A Charlie Brown Christmas" is like crack... You can't stop, you want more. Every time Snoopy did something funny, Cam would break into the deepest and most fantastic giggle. You have to stop what you're doing to eat it up and enjoy the moment. It's wonderful.

By the way... There's a new challenge since the addition of the night light. Now he's afraid of the shadow the night light is casting on his ceiling fan. So he's sleeping with his sheet over his head. That imagination of his is in overdrive.