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Quite an adventure

Cameron is about to settle back into a normal pattern of school after a very exciting two weeks of Winter vacation. Along with the chance to play outside in the warm air of Florida, swim in pools (warm and cold), play in the waves of the ocean AND play at Disney... He pushed his comfort envelope in so many ways.

I am so proud.

But the moment I keep thinking about was while we were on the beach in South Florida. We were all enjoying the beautiful Christmas day. I was sitting on the sand and making sure Jordan stayed away from the dead jellyfish that were scattered here and there while watching Cam play in the waves. Randy was relaxing on a towel while my brother was reading a book. Suddenly I looked and watched Cameron start to run down the beach. I figured he wouldn't go far... but he did. He kept running and running and running. And I got nervous. The mommy in me was a little freaked about my not-so-great swimming son running away down the beach. He might get hit by a wave or start playing somewhere and I wouldn't be able to get there to him fast enough. You know, the mommy mind is kind of mean once you start to worry.

Anyway. He kept running.

He looked so free. So carefree. So happy.

In a tiny corner of my mind I wanted to just let him go. I know he must have felt an incredible freedom that you can only feel on a long and warm beach.

But the mommy in me couldn't let it continue. I ran after him as fast as I could. I screamed as loud as I could to get him to stop. And I must have looked scared because Cameron got upset once I reached him. He was sorry. He didn't mean to.

I understand. I really do. But he has a little more growing to do before he starts running the beach on his own. But when he can, I hope he can continue to run free like that. And it made me want to do that same. I wish I could escape and just run sometimes. I'm glad Cam got to... even if it was for a short time.