Just when I thought I was a good parent...

Today was the only day that wasn't overly scheduled this week, so Jordan and I went shopping. I picked up the two out of three presents we planned to give Cam for his birthday: The Lady and the Tramp and a Wiggles plate set. Randy just has to pick out a baseball mit and we're done.

So when I got home, I put it all in a bag and pit it on the stairs.

Jordan and I took a nap. When I got up, we headed to a nearby garden... It was an amazing day and I was excited to get outside with the baby. I called Randy and suggested he grab Cam and have dinner at the garden. A little family time outside. Great idea! Not long after Cam and Rabdy got there and we had settled sown into our family time... Cam said he needed to go potty. So Randy and Cam drove away. Jordan and I walked home. During the walk I was feeling like a good parent. I played with the baby outside... My family had outside time together. Bur when I got home I realized I messed up:

Cam found his presents on the stairs.

I was so excited to go outside, I forgot to put that stuff away. I had to tell Cam the movie was for his birthday and he's have to wait. That was ugly. Now that he's calmed down... He keeps saying: "I'm so excited I got the Lady and the Tramp movie." I stink. This kid doesn't forget a thing... So his birthday won't be much of a surprise. I'm not a very good parent today.

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