I broke a plate

Cam had his last swim class for this session. It continues next month. He's going to have to stay in level one for at least one more session... he missed two classes and he's still pretty nervous in the water. But he's amazingly brave from where he started a month and a half ago. Anyway. When we came back, Jordan was hungry, Cam was hungry. I was hungry. So I tried to get some PB&J made before I fed the baby. Then Cam started wigging out because I wouldn't let him watch a movie. I mean really wigging out -- Screaming, thrashing. I sent him to his room. I was so upset, I threw the knife down into the plate with my sandwich and broke a chunk off the plate. I'm such a bad parent. I don't know why this small human who only weight 41 pounds can evoke so much emotion in me. He knows my buttons that's for sure.

He's been sent to his room twice today. The second time he threw toys all over the place and I made him clean it up before he could come out. He did apologize: "Sorry I made my room messy."

But we're having a great day. Really.

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