TV hiatus

I've had it. Yup. I'd had it with Cam's whining and crying because he wants to watch TV. We're going on another TV hiatus. We did this sometime when he was 2. I'm doing it again. I'm sick and tired of listening to Cam freaking out about TV.

Tonight was the topper. Jordan and I picked him up from school and we decided we'd go to Burger Kind for dinner and to play in the indoor playground. Can I just say how brave he was during this trip? It was amazing. He climbed to the top, he went into the helicopter and rocket. He even climbed through a mesh tunnel. He still won't go down the slides and got a little freaked out as he climbed back down the "stairs" of the playground. But he did it. He did it many times and I never had to climb in and rescue him. That was pretty great to watch. Not to mention, his friend Nathan and Nathan's brother Matthew happened to be there at the same time so they all got to play together.

So we went home, I put the baby to bed while Cam played in the bathroom. (You don't want to know... but the good news is he didn't flood the toilet) It was obvious that Cam was getting tired, but I promised him that we'd bake cookies. So after Jordan went down, we threw dough on a cookie sheet and shoved it in the oven. We talked and waited. Then he gobbled down some cookies (my tummy is still upset, so I couldn't eat any).

That's when I announced it was time for bed. And it was. But Cam freaked out because he didn't get to watch his show. He wanted to watch the Wiggles. All out freak-out. I told him it was time to go to bed, we could watch it tomorrow. He kept freaking out. I said that if he continued to freak out, he would lose his chance to watch the show tomorrow. He freaked out more. I've had it. We're going to keep busy in other ways. He can play with Leapster, that's as close as he's getting to TV. I realize Randy will be annoyed with this, but I'm tired of the TV freak outs.

Cam is a wreck. It took a very dramatic reading of The Cat in the Hat to pull him out of his new TV hiatus funk. I'm willing to put in the effort to live a non-TV life with the boy. It will require more PlayDoh and finger painting time. I don't see much wrong with that.

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