Mommy and Cam time

This morning, Cam woke up an hour before Jordan. What the heck?

Anyway. I took Cam to school on my way to teach a class on campus. I decided to pick him up early from school since I didn't want to go back and forth between the house. So that gave Cam and I the chance to play outside while the baby took a nap. We had a ball. We played basketball -- and it's so great to see him hit the shots on his 5 foot basketball hoop. (Randy put it higher since Cam is growing so much) We hit the baseball... Jumped around... Played with bubbles... And the best part: Cam pulled two chairs together and we made it into a flying ladybug. We both sat facing each other making up stories and songs and laughing at the dogs. I just sat there looking at my happy guy knowing how lucky I am that we have this time together. I took pictures and then we giggled at the pictures. It was a nice time to be a Mom.

Right now he's playing with his Leapster -- learning about letters and getting really good at playing the games. We're excited to pick out the books we're going to read tonight. There's a book reading exercise going on at school and Cam is really into it. The funny thing is they get a free pizza at the end. Cam doesn't like pizza. Hopefully this will be our first step towards him eating pizza.

Only time will tell.

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