Trying to do it different

I tend to use threats a lot when Cameron acts up. I know this isn't the way to go. I know I have to break that habit. I'm not sure when I started the threats. But I know it has to stop. So I've come up with a reward system. Today Cam came home from school with this on the door in the kitchen: Cam's TV Time board. He was intrigued and excited that he had already earned the "Get Dressed" dot. If he earns three dots in a day, he gets to watch a show. The other dots: "No tantrums" and "Eat dinner."

So we gave it a run today. Cam didn't throw any tantrums and he considered eating a pea at dinner, but didn't. So he came one dot shy of getting to watch a show. We're getting there.

Now, at bed time, he threw a doozy... But I think it was more because he needed to be asleep and I waited too long to get him to bed.

One other development in the world of Cam. He's starting to stand and pee. I know everyone wants to know that. But consider this one. I noticed he was in the bathroom this evening and decided things were too quiet behind the closed door. So after he tells me he's cleaning up... I find him using the hand towel to dry up his inability to aim properly. And it made me wonder if he's done that before. Ewwwwwww.

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