9 days

Cameron is counting down to his birthday. When we figured out there were 9 days left, he gasped in excitement.

I spent the day making party bags for his birthday at school, finding primary color table cloths and plates... I even ordered the big cake for his party. I'm planning two parties -- one for close friends at a very cheesy pizza playland and one at school. I'm putting together a Little Einsteins party... Our first birthday that requires I become a bit creative since Disney has decided not to really oversell the Little Einsteins product -- They see more money in Baby Einstein products. Anyway. I'm going to bake my own cupcakes this year. Last year I struggled with rice krispie treats in the shape of stars. I will never use a cookie cutter on rice krispie treats again. That was hard work.

Anyway. Cam was sent home sick from school today. He spiked a fever... and it continues to spike. He's on the Motrin-Tylenol-Motrin treatment to keep it down. His teachers thought he was strangely good at school today -- It's because he was sick. Poor buddy.

So on my final day of maternity leave, I'll have both kids with me. I think I'll just enjoy my children and relish my new life.

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